April 29, 2006

On watching TV and writing!!!

Television has long been called an Idiot box but the latest news is that this " Idiot box " has evolved, and now has the capacity to transform anyone who looks at it too long into an Idiot. I dont want to go into the semantics here and everyone is free to choose his or her definition of an Idiot.

With the advent of televison, there was a need for more and more programs so that more and more people could be hooked to it. This was needed so that more and more people could get away from whatever meaningful it was that they did, with their time, and spend time sitting in front of the TV munching chips or some such thing and exercising their fingers on the remote.

Then their were enough programs to fill one channel, so the next best thing happened, new channels were set up. These new channels needed new faces, new ideas, new celebrities. People began to get their fifteen seconds of fame. The fifteen seconds expanded into fifteen minutes and then fifteen hours. But at the same time, strangely, people that used to get fifteen years of fame began to get fiftten months of it and now fifteen weeks. Soon we will forget who the real heores are and who are the pretenders. After all its the age of equality for all.

We have channels for everything music, fashion, news, religion, nature, movies-- you name it, they have it. Now you dont have to go out side to smell the air, see the birds chirp, enjoy nature or anything at all. And chances are if you go out you will step into a world of concrete where a cacophony of sounds from the vehicles and people alike will welcome you. There will be no bird in sight and the greenery that you will see will seem to be asking the question : Why am I here? Do I even belong here?

Watching TV also gives you a chance to enhance your look. Look at it long enough and soon you will need glasses and the you can experiment with the way you look. You can either go for glasses or use contacts and change the colour of your eyes every day. Isnt that an amazing gift?

Reading was something that we all did before we had TV. Who can read Wuthering Heights and not be affected by the moors and the bleak hills or read Great Expectations and not feel the atmosphere in Miss Havisham's room where the clocks have stood still for twenty whole years or read Hamlet and not feel the dilemma ...to be or not to be...of Prince Hamlet? But thankfully we have Television now, it has made our jobs so much easier. There is no need to apply ones mind and read those books that made us feel that we were living in a different age. Now we can let the directors do the hard work and the thinking for us...all we have to do is sit in front of a TV and see the movie and never have to think for ourselves. Thinking after all is taxing and the latest research ( ok this might not be true but I am very sure I read it somewhere) suggests that one hour of thinking takes more energy than three hours of working out.


pushkala said...

good one dude!

Anonymous said...

Hey Riot Boy,

Nice blog that you have written, and I agree to most of what you have said, but you know me.. I am a huge fan of fashion, and I get a lot of the latest fashion tips from watching t.v. I also wear colored contacts. There is nuthin wrong with my vision, but I like it when I can change up my eye color once in a while... Other than that it's always a pleasure visiting your blog:)


Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

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