May 7, 2006

Another sunday, Another Blog...

I have begun to look forward to Sunday's, either with great dread or with immense excitement. One reason for that being this blog. When I have something to write about, I am excited and I wait eagerly for Sunday; when I have nothing I just hope Saturday never ends.

This was one of those weeks that had routine written all over it. A ot of things happened, both on the national and the international front but for them you have newspapers and magazines that can do better justice to them than I can on this blog. And even if a blog was a place to do that you have so many bloggers who do that kind of thing and are really good at it.

This is blog is about things that anyone can understand, educated or not, rich or not, living in the developed world or the third world. It is about us- the people. This blog is egoistical because ego is the most potent force that drives everything and anything. People with big egos are disliked universally but the fact is that it is one of those disliked people that grow , so much, in stature that people begin to like them for their other qualities. What if they were a little egoistical-No one can be perfect.

I have wandered here. I was talking about universality here. Ambition is a universal feeling. It permeates the entire gamut of species. Then dreaming is another thing that we all do. i am not talking here about the dreams that we dream when we are asleep, but the dreams we dream when we see a bright and rosy future for us. In this context dream and ambition are words that are often interchanged.

A: I have a dream. I want to make it big in life.
B: I have ambition. I want to make it big in life.

More likely the guy who dreamt, will fail to achieve his dream and the guy with ambition will succed, if they were using the words in their right sense. Dream is a beautiful vision of a future where one would like to be but is not sure how to get there, so might never reach there. Ambition is a raw drive about how to get what you want and be where you want to be. This small difference is the fine line that divides failures and successes.

Knowing that, I still dream, because a lot of people are ambitious and succed in their endeavours. Only a few get a chance to live their dreams.


Anonymous said...

good work.

readingpeoplesmind said...

Good way to express between ambition and dream ,

good work

jyotinder singh said...

nice work,but i'd like to say that
one gets the ambition to do something only if he has dreamt of it ,so dreaming is rather the first step to achieve something.
But only dreaming and not working to fulfill it is rather more noxious than dreaming itself.
As it is said
"A Dream without Action is hallucination!"

Anonymous said...

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