April 11, 2006


My post here is two days overdue. My sincerest apologies to all those who came here on Sunday to find something new, but had to leave disappointed because the old post from last Sunday was the latest development here. But once it was two days late, I had more than half a mind to let it wait till next Sunday. Then I thought, this blog is about discipline and it’s better late than never.

Once I had decided that something had to be written, I was lost for ideas. Then I began to think and there were a couple of things that got my attention. The most remarkable was an excerpt from the Ramayana, one of the two epics of the Hindu mythology. That excerpt is very relevant because althought written nobody knows how long back it describes the situation of the world today in pretty great detail. Then there was this conversation, I had, with a Doctor friend of mine about the importance of society in building an individual. Then there is this little one act drama tha is looking to find a place on this blog for quite some time. But, what finally won a place here is quite strange. I thought of this in a moment of inspiration and that is the only thing in its favour. It's definitely not the best things I have ever written but most definitely the craziest.

It was a holiday. Jamie knew all his friends would be going out and having fun, but not him. He had to stay home and do nothing. Maybe watch TV, but that would be the most fun he would have. His parents were going out leaving him all to himself but he was not very unhappy about the last fact. A part of him was glad - no company was better than his parent’s company.

“ Keep the door locked all the time from the inside” his dad called out.

He was pretending to be asleep so he just mumbled something in return. His father had not even waited for his response so even if he had said something it would have been a waste of breath. Jamie didn’t like wasting things.

Not even twenty seconds had passed when there was a loud knock on the door.

“Who could it be?” thought Jamie “ can't even let a guy sleep in peace”

He waited for some time for whoever it was to go away but there was knocking again and this time it didn’t stop, just grew louder and louder. Jamie got up in anger, threw the sheet away and went out ready to take on whoever it was banging his door like drums. He wouldn’t be the only one who would have a bad day today, Jamie thought to himself. Jamie opened the door and to his surprise the very friends he thought would be out having fun were standing at his door. He was pleasantly surprised and it took hardly a nano second for all his anger to melt away - no melting takes time- to vaporize.

“ Come on in guys.” He called out to them.

“ That’s why we are here” said one of them as they walked in to the room. There were six of them. All of them were pretty ordinary, no one had any feature that would make them stand out. It was a writer's nightmare if he had to sit down and start describing them because at the end he himself would be confused who was who let alone make it clear to the reader. In this story or the part we are going to deal with it is the number that’s important so we are not going to even try to describe them. They were six in number.

Jamie was pretty excited about having his parents out and friends in. Barely five minutes ago he never thought he would get so lucky.

“ Lets play cards. Get out your money guys and lets gamble like…err gamblers” Jamie said.
“That’s why we are here” said another of the guys and sat down on the table.

The table had six chairs and now there was no room for Jamie.

“Ok so since six players can play we have to find a way to choose who goes.” said Jamie.
“Ok, Lets do that now we are here” said one of the six guys.

But before anything could be decided a voice was heard from the outdoor.

“Jamie the soccer team wants you to play cards with them.”
“Who left the door open” was Jamies first thought.
“What is this soccer team” came second and this went to his larynx which moved and this was heard.
“ The guys on the second floor” A prompt reply from the outsider.

All the six guys were looking at Jamie with an expression that said “ Ok now we know the six players on this table. Go”

Jamie resonded wth a stare: “Hold your horses. Let me see what this thing is about and I will be back in a second.”

He thought maybe his dad wanted to take the playing cards with him and this was just a way fof getting him down and bring the cards along. So he quickly picked up the new pack of cards and left before any of the six guys had any chance to complain.

“ I will be back” he said quickly and rushed out.

Jamie knew everyone who lived on the second floor except that one apartment.

" The soccer team must be living there”

The only link Jamie had with soccer was that he was once roughed up by the soccer team at his school for using their room.

He always hated any soccer team since then and why any soccer team guys wanted to paly cards with him was beyond him.

“Whatever. I should get over with it and get back to my game of cards in my room soon”

He saw the room, in the apartment he was planning to go in to, open. He walked in ...cautiously…there was no one there. Jamie quickly moved in and picked up the baseball bat, lying on the floor, and swung wildly behind the door. Fortunately there was no one there. He moved in to the second room…it was empty too..but he could sense someone was in the room and another guy was standing by the bathroom door. He was just standing there and looking at him. The other guy was lying on the shelf in a position that can be said to be uncomfortable in the least. All in all it was a bizarre setting. Something took over Jamie and he picked up the guy lying on the shelf and put him in a sack lying nearby and tied him and started hitting him with the basebat. The guy was alive for he was flinching with every blow and moving but he uttered no sound and the other guy just stood there. Jamie was relentless in his beating and something told him that thugh he was hurting him , he was causing no major damage so he wasn’t too worried. The other guy just looked on and soon Jamie turned his attention to that guy, but he thought he was getting late for his game of cards and what he did to one of the guys was enough for them not to play a prank like that on him again. As he was leaving the room he looked out of the window and saw his dad coming back. Oh! he couldnt let him come up and see his friends in the house.

Jamie ran down and stopped his dad as he was about to board the elevator.

“ Dad why are you back”
“ I think I forgot the keys to the car.”
“ You don’t have to worry. You just wait. I will get them for you.”

The elevator was taking forever in coming down and Jamie was restless. He decided to run up the stairs and he told his dad to wait while he got the keys.

On the way up to the stairs he met death. No he did not die nor was he going to die soon but he met death looking for somebody...

This is already a long post and I am going to stop here for now. But I will continue if any of you want to know how this ends. I warned you in the beginning it is a result of a moment of inspiration and one of the craziest thing that I have ever written or I will ever write. I don’t know if the next part will be what I have in mind now because by then it might seem crazy to me myself. But I will not write it down now. It will be, if its meant to be.


Slowsharks said...

This is really a crazy writing from u. Neways, u have given it a different end this time, so that the reader keep on guessing......what next?? But tell u, playing with the patience of the reader can sometimes boomerang on u. So, better publish the next half ASAP....... All in all a real haphazard write, I wud say. I think thats a fair comment.

Amit Pundir said...

that was a different writing of all yours i read till date any way i found interesting inspite the fact that i want to know the next part of the story well i will wait as i have no other option !! but sincere request to complete it as soon as possible !!

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