August 11, 2006

Astrology: Fact or Fiction?

When it comes to Astrology, there are two species of human beings that can be found on planet Earth. One that believes in the stars, and what they foretell and the other that thinks that Astrology is the biggest hoax that was ever perpetuated on Mankind. There are a a few who are indifferent, but thats a rare species.

Astrology, essentially, is constituted of two parts. One is the casting of the horoscope which is, to a large extent, a scientific process and the second is the interpretation of the horoscope which is more of an intutive skill, hence defies rationality. The horoscope of a person is cast according to the position of the various planets at the time of his birth. It is based on certain mathematical calculations which, to some extent, can be called logical and scientific. For example the fact that the moon waxes and wanes every 14 days is taken into account as well as the fact that the sun takes 365 days to complete a revolution.

Once the horoscope is cast, it is as good as the perosn who interprets it. Some people are very good at it and can tell a lot about your past, present and future by just looking at the chart that is your horoscope. But, there is a lot of irrationality involved in the process of assigning various characteristics to different planets. For example mars is supposed to be an aggressive planet and Jupiter a benovolent one. Not only are they given certain characteristics, but it is also defined as to how they interact with each other, what planets are friendly and what have a not so healthy relationship between them. For example Saturn is said to be Sun's offspring, yet they dont get along well.

There is no doubting the fact that Astrology is an ancient art. If something has lasted so long over the ages, it has to have some credibility.Curiosity has been a prominent feature of mankind from the first day till this date and what can a person be more curious about than knowing whats going to happen to him the next day, the next week or the next year. Even science wants to find and answer to that question when it wants to make a time machine. Though a time machine would have other uses too.

As for me I do belive in astrology, to some extent. I believe in fate, destiny and doing ones duty to his best ability . But, just as by studying the electrons around the nucleus it is possible to determine the properties of the atom, it will be no surprise to me, if the heavenly bodies do affect the way things happen to us. After all we are made of the same thing as they are and when they align in different ways across the galaxy, they must be exerting some kind of influence on us. No?


Beth said...

Do I believe in horoscopes? Not in the sense that I read mine every day. I believe one has the ability to change his or her destiny. If someone lived a life based on someone's interpretation of the "stars" then he/she is missing out. I also believe our astrological signs can be uncannily correct in describing personalities and traits.

The Lonely Path said...

I do believe in astrology to some degree. There is a hermatic occult saying "As above so below", which describes relationship of the higher and lower planes.

However I also believe that one controls his or her own fate, its only the destiny that remains unchange.

Jay said... The alignment of stars is all a matter of perspective. In a typical constellation, the stars are billions of miles apart from each other; and even the view that we see is distorted by the fact that we may see one star as it was decades ago while the star next to it we see as it was thousands of years ago.

There are things much closer that influence our lives. We should pay attention to them.

Logtar said...

I guess I am a rare one, I sometimes can be the most pragmatic logical person, but then I switch onto believing astrology and about the ocult... it comes and goes.

pushkala said...

i belive in horoscopes..
it gives a decent picture of wats in store!

CyberCelt said...

When I was young, I did not travel without checking the stars.

In fact, when I flew to Hawaii, I plotted all the hours and planets. The only time there was a conflict (a Saturn hour), we were going to be on the ground, so I did not worry about it.

When we go home, we realized they had left our luggage during that Saturn hour.

I left my astrology books behind and have since learned to rely on my inner voice and the principles by which I live.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Astronomy, Astrology, Psychology, Philosophy, modern Science, Ancient Art...All have one very important factor in common to consider--All of the studies listed above have scientific involvement; research, investigation, application, expectation, (prediction) analysis meditation (deep concentration) and finally theory. I find astrology fascinating and can become useful when necessary.

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