November 5, 2006

BYB(4): Childhood!

Childhood is that stage in life, which we miss regardless of where we are or what we have become as grown ups. The innocence, the freedom and the ability to make everyone’s anger melt with a sheepish grin is all lost, as we grow up. Childhood is a true blessing in a person’s life.

What we become as an adult is determined, to a great extent, by what we have gone through as a child. One incident that stands out among my childhood memories dates back to when I was in third or fourth grade. I was sick for a few days and had to miss some classes. Since it was a small town and a small school, I used to be on top of my class. But, this sickness, just before my exams, was sure to affect my studies and the results, especially, because the trend was to set the papers from the notes the teacher gave in the class.

While I was prepared for the worst, a friend of mine (Suresh, I think his name was), offered to give me his notebook, so that I could keep my place at the top of the class. I took it thankfully. I topped again while he barely managed to pass. Somehow that little act, done without a desire of wanting something back, became engraved in my mind. We were best of friends before and remained so till I was in that small town.

A couple of years later, we moved to the city and Suresh and me lost all contact. But I hope he remembers me as I do him. The memories of him and the little things we did always cheer me up and act as a reminder that even the smallest thing done for someone can mean a lot to them.


stev said...

its quite surprising sometimes... how the smallest of things can have an impact in our lives (and be remembered). especially through the many small acts of kindness of children in their age of innocence.

had a similar childhood story of a friend who took the blame on his own accord even though we were both mischievous... just to save the skin of one of us.


MsDemmie said...

Such a nice memory - wouldnt it be nice to meet up with him again ?

CyberCelt said...

There are a few in our lives that do for us without asking anything in return. Some are people and some are angels.

new illuminati said...

Adult = adulterated = a dolt. That's what eye tell the kids...

Kuanyin said...

Good Posting! Blessings!!!

Bluepanther said...

@stev : Its usually the small things that guide us in how we go about the bigger things in life.

Childhood indeed!

@msdemmie: It would be great to meet up with him again, but we lost all contact, so seems lilke a long shot... but it would be nice.

@ cybercelt :True, Very few people would do anything for you without expecting something in return.

@newilluminati : :)

@kuanyin :Thanks!!!

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