November 7, 2006

NaNoWriMo : Week 1!

Week one of National Novel Writing Month is almost over and here is where I stand.

At an average of 1667 words per day,in seven days one should have written almost 12,000(11,669 to be more accurate) words, to finish on time.

So, as of now, I am lagging. The first of November saw me taking a trip away from home, thus delaying my beginning to reach the target of 50,000 words, but now that a start has been made I am hoping to catch up and finish in time. This is my first attempt at NaNo, so even if I fail, it wont be that bad. For,as they say, it is participating that is important.

I am trying to write a series of events, seen through the eyes of a man, who after dying, gets caught between this world and the next. Here is an excerpt from what I have written till now

If there were any doubts in Loktak’s mind earlier, they were gone now. The man was looking at Loktak and he never took his eyes off him.

No one said anything, One because he had so much to say and the other because he had nothing to say.

“My name was Fielder.”

“Was??” Loktak shot back promptly.

“Yes, you look surprised. What was your name?” He replied, a smile playing on his lips.

“My name IS Loktak.”

“Is?? Isn’t it time you accepted being dead.”

“Dead??…how do you know I am dead?”

“I know a lot, more than anything else, I know that you are my ticket to heaven.”

Loktak didn’t know how to respond to a statement like that, so he stayed quiet and waited for Fielder to keep talking.

“Its going to take a while but what is to be done is to be done. Do you believe in heaven and hell?” Fielder continued.

“I used to, but if there was one, I should have been in one of those places, not stuck here between heaven and hell.”

...More as weeks pass by and the month comes to an end.


ANO said...

Good luck Neo!

stev said...

oh you're a participant at NaNoWriMo? =)

the glimpse looks intriguing. looking forward to it.

Whatever said...

Keep going; even if it looks like you wont make the 50,000 --- hey if it only takes you 2 months instead of 1 month, what's the difference? Well...1 month I guess...

Croaker said...

Keep it up Neo I think its great challenge!

omninaïf said...

That's true, as long as you try.

Bluepanther said...

@ano : Thank you!

@stev: Yes I am, thanks!

@whatever: I am going to try my best to do it, thats all one can do.

@croaker: Thanks, it indeed is a challenge.

@omninaif: I am going to try and finish it.

Jayashree Bhat said...

That was an intriguing excerpt. Do post the rest of the story when it's complete.

Simon said...

I don't believe this. I've read an excerpt of unpublished fiction on the net and I want to read more. This has never happened before. Well done - and keep it up!

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