November 9, 2006

Someone's got to believe in Santa Claus!

Another year draws to a close. As the winter sets in, people, all over the world, begin to prepare for Christmas and associated festivities.

Christmas brings to mind the image of a jolly, old, rotund man with a long white beard, dressed in red, known across the world as Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a universal figure, transcending the boundaries of nations, continents, religions and cultures. Kids all across the world wait eagerly for Santa Claus to visit and shower gifts on them, things that they have wanted and waited for a long time.

Yet, if grown ups are asked if they believe in Santa Claus, most would look at you, shake their heads and move on. If someone would deign a reply, it would most likely be:

“ I used to but then I grew up.”

Love is something similar to Santa Claus. We all have strong belief in love and its power to begin with but then as we “grow” we begin to lose faith in its power. For many, it just becomes a thing that exists only in books and movies, not to be found in real life. So, when you ask somebody if he or she believes in love, the most likely answer would be:

“ I used to but now I know better.”

Call me childish, different or even foolish but my answers to both the questions differ.

I believe in Santa Claus. Someone or some thing that has the ability to light up so many faces with the most wonderful smiles can’t be non-existent. He is to be found in each of us. Every one of us has the capability to make a difference in someone else’s life. Sometimes we do that without realizing, sometimes we come to know of it. Maybe Santa does not exist as a person, but as a phenomenon, he is very much alive and among us, not just on Christmas but on every day of the year. Though for some reason he chooses to show himself only on Christmas.

Love is a great feeling. One who has not been in love has missed on the most wonderful feeling that there is. One who has been in love does not need to be told how amazing the feeling is. We can get an idea of what love is capable of if we try to not just read some of the great love poems and romance epics but attempt to recreate, for ourselves, the feelings that must have stirred in the heart of the person who wrote these lines of verse or prose. Something so powerful can’t be non-existent either.

I strongly believe in Santa Claus and I firmly believe in Love. Do you?


stev said...

I believe in the Easter Bunny too!

Merry Christmas in advance ;)

Santa said...

I really do believe in Santa Claus,it was a problem for me until that first little girl looked up at me with such happiness and joy. I was convinced at that point that it was something that God had given me the gift for. Being Santa Claus is not something you choose, it chooses you. I found the same thing with Love, The wonderful lady in my life came like manna from heaven just about the time I was ready to give up and resign myself to a life of being alone.

Anonymous said...

I am not real good at commenting all the time, but every so often someone posts something that compels me to do more than just scroll, read, and click. I really like what you had to say here and wish more people believed. Afterall, if there is no Santa Claus, who keeps leaving gifts for my kids under the tree on Christmas?

For some reason, I can't log in to leave comments, so I have to leave them anonymously, but I am Kelly at Tales from the Angel Retreat,

Whatever said...

Heh – I didn't believe in Santa until I grew up. I don't believe in some guy who zips down chimneys, etc. but I do believe that people can give each other what matters: hope, trust, love --- the real things. With those, a lump of coal is the greatest jewel in the world. Without them there's no point in any gift.

Bluepanther said...

@ stev: Thats good! After all its all about belief.

@ Santa: Glad to see your comment on here. A smile can light up any person's day. Its great thatyou are bringing smiles on the face of little children. Congratulations on finding your wonderful lady, atthe right time.

@ Kelly: Its great that you believ in Santa. Thanks for the comment.

@ whatever: very true! very true, indeed.

Johnny Wadd said...

I always leave milk & cookies out for him, just in case.

jillbeth said...

Santa even comes out on Halloween! (Our neighbor wears his Santa costume every year to pass out candy!) Yes, I do believe in Santa, in his spirit of love and giving.

Kurt said...

Of course I believe in Santa Claus, but what is this "love" thing?

Bluepanther said...

@ johnny wadd: I am sure the milk and cookies disappear the next morning. :)

@ jillbeth: You have a nice Santa in your neighbourhood. The children must love him.

@ Kurt: You got to find out for yourself.:)

tracifish said...

I used I believe in something better...

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