December 3, 2006

BYB : Festivals!!!

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I read somewhere that these times, that we live in, are one of the best in the history of mankind. Materially speaking, this statement has a lot of truth in it. Life was never easier, so many gadgets and devices to make our lives easier and better, travel at the speed of sound is possible and one can get in touch with anyone ,anywhere, at anytime. But Life does not end at that. What these things have given to us in the material world, they have taken from us in the mental and the spiritual world, and man is a complex mix of the material, the mental and the spiritual. The balance between the three is difficult to maintain yet very important but over the centuries this balance has been disturbed.

Yet, one thing that still connect us to our roots, makes us forget our worries and let’s us enjoy ourselves and the moment, is the way we celebrate our festivals.

All the year round, we remain busy with our work, our lives and routine things, that always keep us busy without leaving time for our family or friends.Most of the relationships we have, become relationships of conveniences.

We think, “I must help him/her , because I need him/her to do ths or that for me.”

But festivals change that. For a a day, two days or maybe a week, we take a break from our lives and visit family or old friends and though we may realise this or we may not not, these breaks keep the life interesting and make festivals occasions tolook forward to. That is why, I say, festivals are great blessings and somethings that we should make the best use of to spread love, cheer and joy all around.


CyberCelt said...

My BYB is up:
Happy Sunday, Neo

CyberCelt said...

Happy BYB Sunday!

msdemmie said...

Very Appropriate with Christmas coming up.

Happy BYB Sunday

Whatever said...

And don't forget to celebrate your achievements: like completing NaNoWriMo :-)

stev said...

festivals to force relatives who dont like each other much to meet up? i like your train of thoughts!

just kdin :P

do agree that festivals are oft a time to let our hair down a little. take a breather. and simply soak in the company.

balance is never easy.

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