January 3, 2007


Most of us are addicted to something or the other in life. Our addiction can be as simple and harmless as a cup of coffee or as complex and dangerous as cocaine. But one thing that is common to all addictions is that for a long time it is enjoyed by the addicted, and one fails to realize when he has crossed over from enjoying it to it becoming an addiction.

But why do we get addicted to something in the first place?

I think the answer to this question lies in our society. In the beginning, there are no rules and one is free to do whatever one wants to do. But, as a social structure begins to take shape, rules are framed and these rules are enforced on the individuals of the society. The more civilized a society is, the more rules it has and stronger is the pressure on the individual to conform to the rules of the society.

There is a right time to sleep, a right time to eat, a right time to go to work, a right time and a right way to do almost anything. Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, one feels the need to break free, to do something that he/she wants to and not something that he/she has to. This thing that you begin to do has the potential to slowly develop into an addiction.

The solution lies in understanding that rules are an absolute must, a necessary evil. But we don’t have to follow any rule mindlessly. The right to question anything and everything is ours and that is what makes us unique. The right to ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing and is it the best way to do a thing is ours and we should exercise it

After all, no rule is unbreakable and no rule is inflexible but life is too short to waste on an addiction.


Kurt said...

Interesting subject. I agree society has a lot to do with it, but I think the free market system worldwide is a bigger issue. Wether it's coffee companies or drug dealers, people probably wouldn't be addicted too often unless someone was making a profit.

Mistress Sky said...

I think for me, the biggest problem is created by the rule-makers... Who are these people that they criticise the way I live my life? My creed is nature-based: "An ye harm none, do as ye will."

And I agree with Kurt about profit being an underlying cause...

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