January 4, 2007

The Devil walks among us!

It is often said that a person goes through heaven as well as hell on this earth itself. A good deed done comes back to us in one form or the other and so does a bad deed. There are saints walking this earth and there are devils too. It is just difficult to spot them in the crowd.

On the face of it, he was a normal person, with an established business and a family that consisted of a wife and a child. But nothing about him was normal. His story, which has been on all major News Channels in India for the last week, beats any movies made about any psychopath killer, real or fictional.

His name is Moninder Singh Kohli, and he lived in his house at Noida, with his domestic help Surendra. The residents of the village of Nithari were cursed, for in the last two years Moninder and Surendra kidnapped and killed almost 30 children, aged from 4 to 18, after assaulting them sexually.

What is most shocking is how could we let two men, the incarnations of the devil himself, perpetrate such a crime on the hapless parents and the society as a whole. For two years, maybe even more, they went about killing children and young women and no one did anything.

Even the police, the supposed-protector of people, had turned a deaf ear to the complaints of the people. In many cases they had even refused to file a report because the complainants had one thing in common--they were poor. Many parents have claimed that the police asked them for money or laughed at them and told them that their children had most likely run away or eloped, when they had gone to file a complaint.

The parents are devastated because till now they had indeed hoped that their children had run away and were alive, hopefully happy, somewhere. Any such hopes have been dashed now, with the police finding bags filled with bones and clothes.

The police department has tried to make up now by suspending a few senior officials and the politicians, as usual, are trying to use this incident to gain political mileage. Those in Power have come forward offering huge financial compensations to those who lost their children, while those in opposition have minced no words in blaming the government for what happened.

But I think, if any one is to be blamed, it is us, the common man. If every time we see something suspicious, we stop and check it out, we might prevent a lot of evil things from happening. If every time we see an injustice happening, we take up the cause of the hurt, we will have a lot less people hurt. If we do not wait till something bad happens to us to act, but act for our friend, our neighbor, a stranger, we will have a better world and a world where devils can not walk freely or walk at all.

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stev said...

really sad story to hear

especially also when it involves a country, government, policies, etc.

still administrating & managing in these circumstances are often difficult & haphazard.

anyone has any brilliant ideas on how to make things run the way things *should correctly* be run to the common man?

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