January 7, 2007

BYB Sunday - Travelling

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I read somewhere that a couple of centuries back, a person hardly met about 200 people in his entire life. In present times, one meets thousands of people in only a year. There are many things about the modern life that have made that possible. Fast and convenient modes of travelling are one of the main reasons behind it.

Earlier when there were horses and horse driven carriages, a man could hardly think about travelling a distance of hundred kilometers; if he wanted to travel more, preparations needed to be made in advance and it could not be said with any amount of confidence that he would ever return. But now, many people are travelling that distance almost everyday in getting to work and coming back.

Faster means of travelling have helped humans by allowing them to move from places with fewer opportunities and a hard life to places where there were more opportunities and life was easier. When someone, a friend or a member of a family, moved away, he was as good as dead as you could hardly expect to see him or any sign of him in the future, but now even if two people have to move to the opposite corners of the world, they can be with each other in less than 24 hours, if need be.

Even for pleasure, the distance that we can travel is not limited to the local park but the whole world is our playground. Log in or call your local agent and book a flight to anywhere in the world or maybe a cruise. For travelling within the country, travelling by land is an option too with roads and rail-tracks connecting all major places.

The faster means of transportation has also enabled people to transport goods across great distances safely and quickly. This has helped us humans, both as consumers and producers, and made our lives much more easier and convenient.

Without the proper means of travelling, our world would have been nothing like what it is today and I feel that travelling and means of travel are great blessings for humanity indeed.

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CyberCelt said...

Travel is a blessing. I love to travel and discover people and places to blog about.

My BYB post is up:


stev said...

it is surprising & i admire the tenacity of man back then who travelled great distances without the use of modern technology

travelling is a mind opener & incidentally so is blogging (hmm. i guess thats why i enjoy both)

a toast to grand travels for all of us - whether in person or via our online personas ;)

BYB: Time & Friends

msdemmie said...

Happy BYB Sunday ...........

Nancyrowina said...

A very thought provoking blessing, we are lucky to be able to travel so far in such a short time. We've certainly come a long way since horses and carts.

Cat said...

Nice BYB this week. Linked to you on my site. Thanks so much for bidding and I hope to have you in my sidebar soon.

Bluepanther said...

Cybercelt: Travel is a blessing indeed, and I would love to travel too but life doesnt leave me with a lot of time to travel. Maybe someday...

Stev: Blogging does provide an opportunity for a person to know about various cultures and societies.

Msdemmie: Happy BYB Sunday and have a great week ahead!

Nancyrowina: We sure have come along way since the day of horses and carts.

Cat: Thank you!

Kuanyin said...

So....I haven't added a BYB Header yet to my posts...and I shall as I copied one today. Will that get a comment from ya? :-) Watch out...next Sunday...you will be amazed.

PS ever seen my travel blog?

Bluepanther said...

Kuanyin: Have a great week and I will check out your travel blog as soon as possible.

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