January 21, 2007

BYB Sunday - Confusions

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The other day, I was having a conversation with a friend, who is having some trouble with his job and is in a dilemma as to quit or continue working at his current job. We talked for a bit, trying to come up with the best thing for him to do, until he put an end to the discussion by saying, “ I am confused, I have to think some more before I can decide what I am going to do.”

Life is confusing, to say the least. Every day, often many times a day, we are faced with situations that demand us to think and make a decision. Sometimes we don’t have enough information to base our decision on, yet we have to make one, for, more often that not, these decisions are time bound.

A man will curse his luck and feel exasperated when he is faced with a situation like that, but I feel that such situations are a great blessing to the human kind. They prevent us from being complacent and floating aimlessly along the river of life. Just as foggy weather makes us concentrate on the road and look for markers, so do these confusions help us focus on the direction our life is taking. The final picture that emerges after we have dealt effectively with our confusions is usually better than the before picture.

We have to use these confusions in a constructive manner - identify the sources, isolate them and then eliminate them. The process is not easy but not impossible either and most of the times it decided if we succeed or fail in our endeavor. One drawback of confusions is that sometimes they tend to lead us astray, but even then we can use them as an opportunity to learn our lesson and be prepared for the future.

As they say, it is easy to choose between a right and a wrong, but what is difficult is to chose the more right out of two rights and the less wrong out of two wrongs. Yet, we must, and we ought to do just that- choose the best way out of our confusions!


MsDemmie said...

The decisions we are faced with are what makes us.

Great post.

Whatever said...

I love the way that this thread/meme provides a new way to look at things. I would have never thought of looking at choices like that. I like the metaphor about concentrating on the road for concentrating on life.

Noi Rocker said...

You are so right!

Nancyrowina said...

Happy BLB Sunday, I'd never thought of confusion as blessing before, but without it there would be no clarity I suppose.

CyberCelt said...

Great post, Neo!

You are a wonderful writer and should package your BYB posts and sell them to a publisher.

This post may be my favorite yet. Have a great week, my friend.

stev said...

BYB is a MEME?! GASP!!


still life often can be confusing. glad that you were there to help act as a sounding board for your friend.

thinking... talking... focusing on the important things... all that helps us to clear up the murkiness & decide on the best (better) path for us

Andrea said...

Very well said!

My step-dad is sort of having the same problem as your friend right now. The job itself is pretty good and pays well. It's just the people he works with that's the problem.

But yeah confusions do help keep life interesting.

Kuanyin said...

Happy BYB Sunday...as always, a thought-provoking post. If you DO decide to turn your blog into a post, I have TWO suggestions for you.

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