January 18, 2007

The Earth is round

It is a well known fact that earth is round-oval, to be precise. Yet, for a long time it was believed, by one and all, that earth is flat and anyone who said anything to the contrary was burnt at the stake as a heretic. So, the question that we should ask ourselves is are things actually the way we think they are.

For example, just the other day, a friend of mine said, “Now, you will say that the earth is the centre of the universe.” Obviously he was trying to be funny and referring to something I had said. But it got me thinking: What if Earth was actually the centre of the universe in the larger picture?
We really don’t know a lot about the universe except for a few theories that cant be verified and are based on assumptions that seem to hold for now but might be found as invalid some years down the line.

Today, it is easy for us to laugh at the man who thought that the earth was flat, who thought that if he would sail to the edge of the world he would fall off. But aren’t most of us today like that very man. How many of us have actually thought about what we have read or have been taught at schools and colleges? Most of us are like that man, our ancestor, and we find it hard to think on our own. We are too comfortable with the way our lives are and it is scary to know or feel that what we have believed in all our lives might have been a fallacy.

Be it as it may be, there is no guarantee that if we think on our own and arrive at a conclusion, we arrive at the right one for every success is preceded by many failures. But, at least one can have the satisfaction of knowing that he tried and if he lived a mistake, it was his and no one else’s and, as they say, in the least he showed a way that leads to a dead end and others after him can avoid it.


Jeannine said...

One of the wisest men on earth, Socrates, has said: All I know is I know nothing!
I think when one truly understands that, things will start to make sense. We as meager humans have not got the capability to understand the truth of the universe. Heck we are not even able to understand ourselves, but maybe if we did, the rest would fall into place.
But then again, if we understood all what would that encompass?
I don't know. I think there is wonder and mystery in everything. I would love to know the truth, but I guess when we are truly ready, we will find out. Why do we believe that things are the way they are?
How can our tiny minds conceive anything else? We need to believe so we can feel safe, secure, superior, powerful and much more.

theWatchList said...

They put poor Galileo in prison for saying that the earth was in fact not the center of the universe.

If we throw out all evidence of facts on the basis that our collective thinking or perception could be severely flawed, we can know absolutely nothing and must surrender all logical thought.

It reminds me of argument/exercise in that "what if you don't exist but are only a character in another being's dream or thoughts"...

I agree that everything should be challenged/questioned. Since natural phenomena does not solely belong to any one of us, I don't think that we must each question their explanations.

For example, the fact that the earth (along with other celestial bodies) is in rotation around the sun has been scrutinized, reviewed, and then agreed upon by many many people. Their explanation makes sense to me so I don't feel that I need to set up an observatory and begin tracking objects placements in the sky. Other items I do want to test/challenge on my own.

RevJim said...

Very, very good post. In the words of a a well known television pundit, we should all "put away the Kool-aid." When we can think for ourselves, if it doesn't accomplish anything other than overthrowing the domineering yoke of indoctrination, we have acheived a great accomplishment.
I got here via blogmad, but I intend to visit again.

Nick said...

Technically, everything in space is relative, so if you ignored the laws of gravity, you could argue that any particular point is at thew centre of the universe.

I for one think it is quite poignant that Earth isn't physically just sat there in the middle... it serves as a constant reminder that everything is not about us... that we have no right to an overdeveloped sense of ego.

CyberCelt said...

We are just a speck of galactic dust on a tendril of Milky Way except in the eyes of our God.

See you on Sunday!

stev said...

the earth is not square?! :O

it is definitely good to experience & all the experiences in life

and to learn & make sure with one owns eyes & ears rather than accepting blindly or stupidly

yet learning from others does safe time or hardship. everything taken with a pinch of salt of course.

CyberCelt said...

Hello, NEO!

My BYB post is up.

Have a great Sunday!

Brit said...

Wow this post really got me thinking...very intersting!

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