February 18, 2007

BYBS- Pictures

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As a child, I was always fascinated by the world of pictures and wanted to own a camera. But back then the cost of film rolls and that of developing the pictures was too much for a young boy, and I had no other option but to move on to reading as a hobby.

Pictures are a great way to capture moments that pass us by and one can almost relive the moments when one looks at these pictures. People come and people go; yet they remain with us in the pictures that we have taken of them. It might be the occasion of a wedding, a honeymoon, a baby’s first step or any moment that is precious to us. The moment passes, the picture remains. One look at the picture and all the memories come rushing back to our mind, as if we are reliving that moment.

If one has friends and relatives that live far away, one tends to miss the important events in their lives, and pictures, to some extent, help one see those moments with his or her own eyes. Pictures, in this way, act as a great way in keeping friends and families together even when a physical distance separates them.

Pictures also provide us with a way of visiting places that we might never be able to see in person. The world is a big place but now almost all of it has become accessible to anyone who has the will and the money to travel. But for most of us, due to constraints of time and money, travelling to all places on the globe is not practically feasible, but through pictures taken by others we can have an idea of what it is that we haven’t seen.

Also, pictures, over the years have been an effective means by which the atrocities and the cruelties of a war have been brought out to the general public. Many things that might have remained buried on the battlefields have managed to become a household story with the help of one picture taken at the right moment.

Pictures give us pleasure while we are shooting them and then, later, when we view them. They indeed are a great blessing to us humans.

Here is a picture of my home town when it was blessed with snow last week:


MsDemmie said...

Happy BYB Sunday .......... where would we be without pictures?

That snow looks pretty awesome too.

CyberCelt said...

Sometimes you may see the story behind the pictures.

Have a great week.

Recovering Lutheran said...

Excellent points. You should participate in the Photo Hunters mem at www.tnchick.com. Lots of wonderful photos are shared by the participants.

Thanks for being my tenant this week! Hopefully, you will get a lot of visits and new readers will discover your wonderful site.

My blessings are blogged for this week! :-) Off to read more . . .

Blue Panther said...

Msdemmie: Happy BYB Sunday to you too!

Cybercelt: Indeed, as they rightly say, "A picture is worth a thousand words"

Recovering Lutheran: Thank you!

stev said...

hmmm. thats a really interesting pic.

still quite dif from my mental picture thus far. or maybe its the snow.

reading > pictures

but pictures make better sharing ;)

Blue Panther said...

Stev: What did you base your mental picture on though?

Anonymous said...

amazin pic!! really miss dis plce!!

Mama Kelly said...

Our main household computer's screen saver is a random showing of pictures on our hard drive. Every morning as I get ready for work I get to see pictures from my wedding day, of my girls, of my own childhood. It is a great way to start everyday!!


Mama Kelly

Blue Panther said...

Anon: I would miss the place too, if I didnt live here!

Kelly: A great way to start your day!

stev said...

What did you base your mental picture on though?
books & tv ;)

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