February 17, 2007

Pre-paid Phone

I remember when, only a few years ago, having a cell phone was considered a luxury. One not only had to pay for calling out but also had to pay for receiving a call. Over the years, because of improvement in technologies and competition among the service providers, owning a cell phone has become easier. As someone said, “The phone will become like a watch - every house will have one, and every individual will have one too.”

These days the customer is the king, and he has a variety of plans that he can choose from for his cell phone bill. I have been using a
prepaid phone from the time I decided to buy a cell phone. Every plan has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is for us as the user to decide what suits us best.

I have found that the prepaid option suits me well. The most important aspect of a prepaid plan is the flexibility and the control one haves on the amount that one spends on the cell phone bill. And since one is under no contract, one is not stuck with the plan. If at any time one feels that the particular plan is not suited to his needs, he can switch to another one that is tailored to his needs. Also, one does not need to pay any rental charges; you pay mostly for what you use.

I feel, after using a prepaid plan for almost three years now, that pre paid plans are quite suitable for a general phone user, who does not have any special requirements.

What plan do you use?

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CyberCelt said...

God, Neo, I wish I was on prepaid. I signed us up for a family plan. My son went over on minutes and text message. My bill was $300+!

See you on Sunday.

Blue Panther said...

Cybercelt: That is really a lot!

stev said...

postpaid is cheap here ^^

of coz prepaid is cheaper* but... i'm lazy & dont like the hassle of topping up.

*disclaimers apply ;)

Blue Panther said...

stev: I am lazy too, and I dont like paying the monthly bill and more often than not I always end up paying a bill later than the last date, with a penalty for late deposit. :)

C. Asbury said...

I too, use a prepaid cell phone. I do like having control over what I pay for, the minutes I am paying for and ease of knowing I am not bound by a contract that has me paying extra monies on fees and such. I love my prepaid phone. I only use it for emergencies anyhow-- traveling out of state, about town or to make a quick long distant phone call. I'm not changing.

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