February 6, 2007

Sitting ducks

The term sitting duck refers to a person or a thing that is an easy target or victim.

I am often marked as a sitting duck for pranks by my friends because of my tendency to easily believe people, and the things they say.

Recently, I got a chance to visit a bird park where I found that sitting ducks are indeed...errr... sitting ducks.

There were not a lot of birds in the park, and the ones that were, were very camera shy, until I saw these:

A group of sitting ducks! I started walking cautiously towards them, so that I could take a picture of them . After a few minutes of slow-motion walking, I got quite close to the ducks and tokk teh above picture. But I soon realised that my caution was misplaced because ducks, it seems , are not easily disturbed. I almost walked through this group, before I could get the ducks to sit up and take notice, and eventually I did manage to bother them enough for one of the ducks to take the trouble of getting up, and dreamily walk away.


Invisible Blogger said...

That's awesome! I love when we personally experience the "cliches" of life!

pushkala said...

heheh! So u did manage to get sme lazy ducks to move on!!

SunKingpoet said...

And now you know the origin of the term "like a sitting duck".

Blue Panther said...

Invisible Blogger: It was a nice experience, really.

Pushkala: I did.

Sunkingpoet: Should have known!

C. Asbury said...

Beautiful. Funny how other things such as animals and objects can be used to reflect our own lives. This was a beautiful and informative read.

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