February 9, 2007

It's the month of Love

Come Feburary 14 and everyone starts talking about love-every year its met with a mixed reaction- some love it and some absolutely hate it. In India, the day has gained importance over the past few years, but then, it has come under scathing attacks from the traditionalists, who see it as another attack by the west on the culture and values of the east.

Be it as it may be, I strongly feel, that there can be nothing wrong about a day that celebrates love. Love will always prevail, and hate is no match for Love... I can go on talking about Love forever and how much I believe in it. Love for me is the essences of all life - without love there would be no life, human or animal.

When I say Love, I mean more than just the the love a man has for a woman or vice versa. Even someone who hates something, loves to hate it. So, each one of us has to love something.

Now this blog is no Time or Fortune 500, yet I would like you to share your love story with this blog, and through this blog with the readers of this blog. Leave a comment about what you love most in life and how you came about to love it so much. It could be a person, a pet, food, a smell -anything. Spread the love, in the month of Love.

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