March 18, 2007

BYBS- Grandparents

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Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are of me visiting my grandparents.

Though the days used to pass playing and just running around, it was at nights that I invariably used to run to my grand dad and ask him to tell me a story. It was a rare night when he would tell me a story without much ado. Most nights, he would say that he was too tired or some other thing like that. Maybe he was, or maybe he knew that what one gets easily looses its charm soon.

But, I would insist and beg and exhort till he would heave a deep sigh and begin his story. It was the same set of stories that he would tell me, over and over again, and yet every time I listened to the story with apt attention, expecting something to change every time. But nothing ever changed, and yet I loved to listen to my granddad tell me those stories, which usually had a moral at the end of it.

Many of those stories are engraved in my mind and heart, and one day I am hoping to tell them to my grandkids, and I know that the things may change as much as they will, but the charm of a bedtime story will endure.

Have a great week!


Sue said...

Love this post! I too have fond memories of my grandparents reading bed-time stories ... :)

Happy BYB Sunday!

msdemmie said...

My grandmother used to do the same for us ...... they are true blessings indeed - have a great week.

Whatever said...

One person summed up my grandmother by saying "she was like a ray of sunshine." My grandfather and I were kindred spirits and enjoyed sci-fi and other such things. My grandparents were an endless source of patience for me and I miss them greatly.

CyberCelt said...

You were truly blessed. I never knew either of my grandparents.

Have a great week.

Marilyn said...

What a wonderful blessing. I worry about how families are so stretched out geographically now. Telephone calls and e-mail just aren't the same.

Hopeful Spirit said...

You are very lucky. I did not have the experience of enjoying my grandfathers' company. I have always felt that it was something I would have enjoyed.

Kuanyin said...

My grandfather was also a great, repetitive storyteller, so I read what you wrote with much sentiment. Happy BYB Sunday!

C. Asbury said...

Happy BYB Sunday. Great post. My grandparents have been a great blessing to me.

kip said...

Never knew my grandparents, you're quite blessed.

stev said...

endearing indeed

somehow grandparents place are somehow special


passing down stories eh. thats something we should follow to this day :)

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