March 21, 2007

World Cup-2007

If you are one of those people who believe that watching paint dry is more interesting than watching a game of cricket, then maybe this post is not for you. But being an Indian and a big cricket fan, it is impossible for me not to blog about cricket, especially with the Cricket World cup 2007 on in the West Indies. So, read on, and maybe I can get you interested in the fine game that is Cricket.

The world cup is hardly into its first week and Pakistan, one of the Goliath’s of World cricket, is out of the contention after being felled by Ireland, the David. The sad part of the defeat was that Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan Coach, died after the match from causes that are still unknown.

India itself got a huge scare when the teenagers from Bangladesh defeated them effectively in India’s first outing. Though India made up for the loss by scoring a huge win against Bermuda, it is the result of the match between India and Sri Lanka on friday that will decide, if India moves on to the round of 8. Well they better win that game or...

Australia, West Indies and New Zealand have already qualified for the second round and in my opinion Australia has a very good chance of winning the World Cup, third time in a row.

Well, that’s all from the cricket field for now. There will be a few more posts on cricket in the days to come, especially if India moves on to the next round.

On a lighter note, there is a fielding position in cricket called the silly point. I have always thought that it is a silly name, but considering the fact that the man at silly point is standing very close to the batsman, and there is a very good chance that the ball might hit him and he might be knocked out silly, it is a name that fits. :)

If you have any questions on cricket, leave a comment, and I will try and find the best answer for you.


Steve Kenul said...

Yankees are the best team in the history of baseball, who is it for cricket?

Blue Panther said...

Steve: Ummm, that is a hard question to answer, because with time the nature of the game has changed a lot.

And yet, there are only two contenders for the best team of all time title. One is the West Indies team of the 1980's led by Clive Lyod, and the other is the current Australian team.

A match between the two teams would be a dream match, but for some reason I feel that the Australians would win that game.

MXI said...

I am sure I'd enjoy cricket more if I could figure out what was going on.

Blue Panther said...

Mxi: I am sure you would too!

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