March 23, 2007


Out of the many not-very-useful things that man has invented over time, I think a mirror is a fine invention. Watching one’s own reflection has fascinated and intrigued men and women from times immemorial, and this fascination continues till date.

Narcissus saw his reflection in a pool, fell in love with what he saw and pined away for his love – his reflection. I guess that story was what made men work to invent a mirror, so that if some one was unfortunate enough to fall in love with his reflection again, he would not have to roam in the wild looking for his reflection but can have it right in his room.

Mirrors, for some reason, have always fascinated me. I think it started when as a child our teachers used to tell us that the best way to remember something was to read it aloud, sitting in front of a mirror. Now as a child, the voice of the teacher was the voice of truth. So, every evening I would be sitting in front of a mirror reading out my chapters aloud.

I can’t say if it made me remember my lessons well but it made me like the mirror and like my reflection in it. I began to spend more time looking into a mirror, sometimes for no other reason then just to do it. Even now if I am sitting in a room and there is a mirror in the room, I find that I place myself in a way that I can look at myself in the mirror.

But mirrors scare me too. If I am alone in a room and it’s a dark and stormy night, I can not get myself to look into the mirror. This happened after I saw that movie in which there is a world behind the mirrors, and if you looked into a particular mirror, your reflection would take your place in the real life. Now, I like mirrors and reflections but I seriously would hate being confined by the limits of a mirror. Though I do believe in ghosts, and for a long time I actually believed I had seen one, I don’t think in the modern world we have left any space for them to exist, except behind the mirror.

So now, though I still enjoy my time in front of a mirror but on every dark night, I cover my mirror up with an enchanted cloth! Do you?

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Anonymous said...

I use to hate mirrors because growing up and even into adolescence, I always thought I was to ugly to look at myself even when others told me different. Today, I look in the mirror all the time and I love the reflection I see. I am so very beautiful. I never took time out for myself until I became sick and was forced to slow down. To this day, it still confuses me when I receive compliments but I've learned to accept them. So I guess you can say, the mirror and I have become friends.

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