March 25, 2007

BYBS - Doctors

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Yesterday, I had to spend some time at a hospital. I have never really relished being at a hospital. All the sights, sounds and smells of it make me want to get out of there as soon as possible.

But, I happen to have a few friends who are doctors and a younger brother who is one too. Also, I have always felt that the medical profession is a very noble one, where you get a chance to stop the pain of a fellow human being and even save lives.

In spite of all that sometimes I feel doctors are not treated well. I would not have believed this myself until recently when I had the following conversation with another one of my doctor friends:

“It must be very fulfilling to be a doctor”, say I.

“Of course!” he says, in a matter-of-fact way.

“And you guys get a lot of respect too.”

“Of course!”

“Something wrong?” I ask.

“ Well, it is like this... Yes, when a patient is in pain or trouble and he comes to us, he thinks we are the very Gods…but as soon as he begins to get better he begins to see us as normal human beings doing our jobs…and finally when he is better and we hand him a bill, he cries out loud and does all but call us a thief.”


“…Not only that, if we go to someone’s house they expect us to give advice to every one and that too for free, and if lets say there is a fault with the computer and a guy comes and just opens it up and puts it back again, they gladly pay him whatever he asks for. So, my dear, being a doctor is a very thankless job but one that I love” he said with a smile.

I did not say anything much at that time but I just felt that those men in white doing their jobs are a great blessing to humanity, and sometimes we do tend to take them and their services for granted or blame the whole fraternity because of the malpractices of a few in the profession.


Sue said...

At one time I seriously considered becoming a physician, but life had other plans for me. Great post!! My own is also about a specific type of profession or calling. Happy BYB Sunday, and have a great week ahead!


msdemmie said...

I think Doctors are unsung heroes/heroines - I am only alive today thanks to a very gifted surgeon.

CyberCelt said...

My sister is a nurse. I once wrote a poem called "Angel in White" after she had saved a man's life. She was called for jury duty and not in her whites, and the man was a deputy sheriff who had a heart attack. It was a week before Christmas.

Doctors are also angels in white at times. Your post made me see that.

Whatever said...

Interesting observation. It's funny how I assume that doctors are treated well because of their status as doctors, but your friend's point is well taken.

Kuanyin said...

This is so often the truth that people judge & generalize and put all of a group into a category. Good thought, and Happy BYB Sunday!

MXI said...

A society needs the doctor as well as the garbage man. Their services are priceless in an emergency and worthless when all is well.

stev said...

mmm. to not take things or people for granted.

would say that saving/helping others is the prime motivating factor for doctors (or should be!)

ps. interesting byb header pic there

Blue Panther said...

Sue: As they say, whatever happens, happens for a reason and for the best.

Msdemmie: They indeed are!

Cybercelt: These men and women in white are real angels who have the precious gift of saving lives.

Whatever: You were not alone in your assumption, my friend.

Kuanyin: True!

Mxi: I think you are right, but we should show our respect to them in good times and bad.

Stev: Thanks for finding the header pic interesting!

MXI said...

That was my point, it's peoples views, you don't respect a persons abilities until you're desperate for them.

Blue Panther said...

Mxi: That is true!

Valkrie ANGEL said...

I was a army medic during my army days, i was much appreciated by my fellow men, especially when they are sick...

Maybe because its a regimental environment, these army boys appreciate that Gentle loving care.

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