March 27, 2007

I Hate Camels

There was a time, very long ago, when I was considered a genius. Everyone saw me and said, “ Now there is a guy that will become a household name some day”. I never let such statements get to me. Things were fine…no, things were great until that fateful day.

There was a quiz competition in school and I and another boy were selected to represent our class. Our class was the junior most among the classes that were participating, so no one gave us any chance. But they did not know the brilliance of my mind or maybe they were not aware of it. We were step in step with the senior most class, that were the defending champions, until it got to the tie-breaker. A question would be asked and the first to respond would win the quiz and the day.

What happened next is a blur but I have lived it again and again in my nightmares and I am sure the nightmares wont stop, till I am living.

The quizmaster asked a very simple question, “What is the tallest animal of all?”

I pressed the buzzer and almost simultaneously did the other team but I heard the quiz master say, “Ok, you answer.”

He was talking to us.

Now, I assure you, in my mind’s eye I was looking at an image of graceful giraffes running through vast flat lands. I knew that we had won, I could even see myself holding up the cup and accepting the wishes of everyone.

I quickly answered and waited for the applause, for everyone’s approving look but what greeted me was a shocked silence and angry glances from my classmates and my teammate. I didn’t know what had happened then.

It was only later that I found out that when I had opened my mouth to say giraffe, what I had actually said was: Camel. Oh, how I hate camels!

Well, that is the story of how a budding genius was stopped in his tracks and in his place the world got me. Maybe it was destiny or Karma, as they say.

(Disclaimer: The above narration is a distorted version of the facts)


squirrel said...

Toooo funny, sorry to laugh at your misery though!
Glad to have you as ths weeks renter!

TaraMetBlog said...

i can see how you could be thinking giraffe though and say camel by mistake. sucks, but at least you're not bitter about it ;)

Techsplorer (Eagan, MN) said...

I did the exact same thing once! Okay, not really. But I've done my own share of idiotic stuff just as bad or worse.

In fact, just thinking about one of them gave me an idea for a blog post that I'll have to put up tomorrow after I've rested a bit.

So, short answer, don't feel bad; we've all done this stuff.

Blue Panther said...

Squirrel: It was miserable when it happened, now it is funny even to me.

tarametblog: not bitter at all, atleast not anymore!

Techsplorer: looking forward to the post...

Neurotic Mom said...

Oh i've had too many moments i'd rather forget

Ea said...

welcome to my blog! =)

Blue Panther said...

Neurotic mom: Don't we all?

These are the moments that bring a smile on our face years after they actually happened.

Ea: Thank you!

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