April 17, 2007

East meets West

A few months back Shilpa Shetty was on the verge of oblivion, awaiting a fate that is destined for most almost-there-but never-really-there stars. Then Big Brother happened and someone made a racist remark against her and she became an instant celebrity. Her world changed forever, and she was back in demand. What years of acting could not do for her, a derogatory remark had done in an instant. No wonder, these days, most wannabe stars want to take the short cut of a publicity stunt to success.

Now, call it coincidence or luck or what you will, Shilpa Shetty is in the midst of another controversy and this time she is in good comapny as she shared the stage, and something else, with none other than Richard Gere.

What happened on stage can be summed up in this one picture.( Photograph source : Getty pictures). They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This one is definitely worth a thousand words and then some more.

Richard Gere is no stranger to India. He has been coming to India on a regular basis for almost 25 years now, and is familiar with Indian culture and society, as he has himself said on many occasions. Shilpa Shetty has been a celebrity in India for a while now. But it seems that both of them misjudged the amount of openness in Indian society.

Not long after the "kissing" happened, the news channels began to air the footage again and again and yet again. Everyone felt outraged except maybe Shilpa who said later that the reaction to the "kiss" made India look "regressive". Sections of society did not agree with Shilpa, and there were demonstrations at many places demanding that both the persons involved issue a public apology.

So, the question here is, is Indian society really "regressive"? Or are there other factors involved in making an issue out of such a non-issue? What do you think?


mj said...

Interesting. I saw headlines for the demonstrations against Richard Gere but I had no idea what they were about. Wait a minute... did he kiss her on the cheek??

ChilledBeer said...

I dont think the society is regressive. I think both Shilpa, and more particularly Rchard Gere think too much of themselves. It was clearly uncalled for, and a blatant "I'll do what i want...fuck your culture" thing from Gere.
India is very progressive, but that doesnt mean our women are sluts willing to be kissed by total strangers, even if they're a celebrity. There are something called sentiments which have to be respected.
As for shilpa shetty, she's willin to sell herself for a dollar, the cheap whore.

I like your blog's design by the way...can you suggest a nice design for me? and where you got it from?


Blue Panther said...

MJ: It wasnt just the cheek but both cheeks, and the hands too...the horror!lol!

Chilledbeer: Thanks for liking the template. It was my friend, SunKingPoet, who helped me with the template. I, myself, have no clue about design or templates.

squirrel said...

Having been born and raised in the United States where it seems anything goes it is hard to be shocked at anything anymore. I kind of wish we did live in a society where there was some sense of outrage at the obscene. But then when it comes to kissing on the cheeks and hands personally I don't see it as obscene, slightly outrageous but not obscene. But I've got to say I would like to be "groped" even in that way by a man I didn't know very well.

Sandy Carlson said...

Good question. I wish I knew. I hear you on that biz about taking the short cut to fame. Guess that's the "deal or no deal" mentality.

new illuminati said...

Probably no more 'regressive' than the US. BUT they both repress natural and wonderful human drives and instincts for dubious 'moral' reasons based on falsehoods.
All the world loves a lover - except for the UPTIGHT

CyberCelt said...

What Richard Gere did would be considered poor taste in any society. God, he mauled her on the stage, in front of her people, her fans and the tv cameras. They should jail him and punish him for what he did.

BTW - Neo, there is a surprise waiting for you on my blog...

Blue Panther said...

Squirrel: you would or you would not???

It definitely was an outrage, but the person who should have cried out loud should have been Shilpa.

Sandy: It indeed is!

New Illuminati: To some extent repression is a part of civilization, dont you think?

Cybercelt: It definitely was in very poor taste, specially done by someone who claims to know Indian culture and society.

Thank you for The Thinking Blogger's Award.

carrie said...

very surprising that gere would behave this way. he should know better for sure. it is not good for her family's honor for her to even 'appear' indecent or improper and so he crossed a boundary of her culture. disrespectful. i hope he apologized/will apologize

squirrel said...

Hahahaha!! Ooops I meant I would NOT like to be groped by a strange man! LOL

Sandy Carlson said...

Back with the trite thought that all ink is good. Somehow.

Blue Panther said...

Carrie: I think Gere was a little out of place and it really would do him no harm to apologize, and I have heard that he has done that already.

Squirrel: I thought so!

Sandy: I think it is too, but ink can be put to wrong use.

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