April 15, 2007

BYBS- Blogging

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As one grows from a baby into a child and finally into an adult, there are many things he or she wants to be. But what he becomes in the end is decided by a combination of various factors that include family, society, education, etc. It is only a lucky few that are able to become what they had dreamed of becoming of as a child.

One of the things that I wanted to become when I grew up was a writer. But earning a living as a writer, especially in India, is not easy and never will be. To some extent, I lacked confidence too about my ability to write something that others would want to read. So, I had to pick up a trade that would equip me with enough skill to survive in this world. I did that and the part of me that wanted to write got buried deep inside.

Then I was introduced to the world of blogging and I got a chance to write something without any fear or expectation, but with the hope that someone would read what I wrote, and maybe like it. Blogging gave me, and I am sure many other people, a chance to bring to life the creative person inside me that had almost died.

For me blogging has become even more special because through the medium of another blog I have been able to serialize a novella I wrote. Thanks to blogs, I can call myself a writer now.

Have a Great week ahead!


msdemmie said...

What a great blessing - blogging has done wonders for my writing and my technical skills.

Happy BYB Sunday and have an excellent week.

Jayashree Bhat said...

Very true. I can repeat every word you've written as my own.

Sue said...

I can completely relate! Awesome blessing ... :)

Kuanyin said...

Happy BYB Sunday! Beautiful blessing!

CyberCelt said...

Wow! I did not see the new blog, Neo. I missed last Sunday and have been trying to catch up.

theWatchList said...

If I remember correctly, didn't you get something else published in a book a while back?

I'm sure you will continue to see more success with writing as time goes on.

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Blogging is a real blessing to many of us. Not only do we get to express ourselves, but we "meet" some wonderful folks here in the Blogosphere. Thanks for being a blessing to all of us by inventing this meme!

My blessings are posted . . . hope you have a moment to stop by.

Marilyn said...

What a great blessing. Yes, blogging is a wonderful way to get to write something for an audience. I always wanted to be a writer too. In fact I have a few rejection slips to my name. No rejection slips in blogging!

Your posts are always thought provoking. I really like that about your blog.

Blue Panther said...

Msdemmie: It has helped me a lot too. You have a great week too.

Jayashree: Thanks for commenting.

Sue: :)

Kuanyin: Have a great week ahead.

Cybercelt: Better late than never! Have a great week.

The watchlist: Yes, I did get a story published in a collection of short stories!

Thanks for the wishes.

Janie: Thank you for liking it and commenting. I will be sure to stop by your blog.

Marilyn: Thank you for liking my blog and blogging is a true blessing indeed.

Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks for creating this blog roll. I have found it rewarding and exciting. It's nice to walk the web with people thinking about their blessings!

stev said...

i'm glad that blogging has been at outlet to express your words in writing

and honestly from what you've written thus far, it would indeed be engaging albeit requiring polishing. so if you wrote a book, yes i'd buy it.

Blue Panther said...

Sandy: It indeed is!

Stev: Thanks, I do hope that some day I am able to write one but I cant be too sure.

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