April 13, 2007


“The shortest and surest way to live with honour in the world, is to be in reality what we would appear to be”

Now, Socrates was a smart man – must have been because he said a lot of sensible things and the quote above is just one example. Socrates lived about 400 BC and though times have changed drastically yet some of the things that he said back then are just as applicable to the so-called modern life. Sometimes, even more so.

In today’s modern life a person is involved in a lot many activities and each role requires that the person act in a manner suitable to the role. Somewhere along the line, we start to just act the role instead of actually feeling it, and that results in a lot of confusions and frustrations.

Socrates gave a very simple solution for the problem almost 2500 years ago - Just be who you are in every situation. If a particular situation expects something from you, try your best to actually fit that role, instead of just acting the part and living will become the joy it is meant to be.

For, it is true that what we want to appear to be is something that is seen in the world as honourable and something that we want to be, but for some reason – which could be as simple as laziness – we are not able to. So, why pretend to be good? Why not actually be good?

I know it is easier said than done. But whoever said living was easy.

(On a side note, two of my blogs are in the Bloggers Choice Awards and if you want you could vote for them. This one is in the Entertainment category. The other is
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new illuminati said...

Yay Neo!
There's one person you ALWAYS have to live with and life's too long for regrets.
Remember the OTHER scout motto - "Do Your Best"

Ragnar said...

I'm glad to see you leading the entertainment category again.

Magical Rose Garden said...

Good morning, Blue Panther:

Just wanted to let you know that your blog has been spotlighted in The Magical Rose Garden. Stop by and read about your wonderful blog! If you'd like, you can join our blogroll, add a link, a chicklet . . .


The Lonely Path said...

There's a trick I learned about understanding other people, you search for a part of that person similar to you and expand from there.

The reverse is true, seek the part of society like you, and expand from there.

My 2 cents :)

Sandy Carlson said...

Great thought for today. Then when people like you, you know it's you and not this false you. Much better!

Blue Panther said...

New Illuminati: True! and yes doing one's best is all one can do.

Ragnar: And I am lagging again.

Magical Rose Garden: Thank you very much for your beautiful post about my blog.

The Lonely Path : I like that idea.

Sandy carlson: Very true!

stev said...

very wise words indeed from good old uncle soc

Blue Panther said...

Very wise indeed!

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