April 27, 2007

The sound of inevitability

He pointed it out to me, and to say I was devastated would be an understatement.

What I saw was like the dawn. It began black and dark, like the night, fading slowly and turning grey, and then, finally, becoming milky white.

But, it was not like any dawn. A dawn is welcomed by one and all. Even a lonely, depressed heart is cheered by the morning, hoping that this new day will bring something new and the dreariness of life will end.

When I saw it my first reaction was refusal to believe it. I was always proud of them and I never thought I would have to see them in the state that they were now going to be in. I had always known that someday it was going to happen, but now the day had come and I was totally unprepared for it. There are some things that you are never prepared for. You think you are, but when it comes it always takes you by surprise.

But, as they say, inevitability can be postponed but never avoided altogether. Sooner or later it catches up and one has no other option but to accept it. So will I have to accept the fact that time is passing and on its journey it is leaving footprints; some that I notice, some that I don’t.

This time footprints are hard to ignore, for yesterday my friend pointed out the first white hair on my head.


Happily Anonymous said...

And such a young man....*sigh

CyberCelt said...

At least you have hair! There you go, Neo, your BYB Sunday post. Be thankful for hair. LOL

Blue Panther said...

Happily Anonymous: *SIGH*

Cybercelt: I am thankful but the way they are falling I dont think I will have any reason to be thankful for long.LOL.

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