April 29, 2007

BYBS : The strange case of the disappearing car

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This last week I had something happen to me, which made me feel that miracles do happen in real life.

On the way to work there is a big curve on the road, and from there on the road slopes downwards for some distance. At this curve, there is a little roadside shop. And other than the main road, which goes down the hill, there is another side road that goes uphill. The following picture will help you get a better idea of how it stands.

Last Monday, I had to buy something from the little roadside shop. I parked my car, got to the shop, bought what I needed and came back, only to find that the car was gone. For a time that could hardly be more than five seconds, I could not think of what could have happened. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind but none stuck because I could not think of any sensible explanation for the missing car. I was not gone for more than a few seconds.

Then, I spot the car across the road, right at the point where the side road branches off the main road. It was blocking the way of another car coming from the other side.

I was too shocked to do or say anything. I quietly got into the car and drove off, without saying anything to anyone. I can only conjecture now what might have happened. In my hurry I must have forgotten to apply the parking brakes, and since the road went downwards from there, I must have changed gears and instead of getting into second, as I should have, I must have got into neutral and not realized it. Thus as soon as I looked the other way, the car must have started moving downwards.

The amazing thing is this: of all the places that the car could have gone (the red lines), it went to the only place where it would come to no harm (the green line). It could have gone down the hillside or crashed into the hill or hit a vehicle coming from the other side or even hit a human. But, instead, it drove itself into the side road, and the incline of the road helped it to stop.

Thus, not only was I saved from expenses for repairing the car, damages - if something or someone was hit - but also from the embarrassment of having to explain to everyone how I let something like that happen.

Have a great week ahead!


Sandy Carlson said...

Oooh...been there with the brakes off! That's a great story. Great there are so many trees to help in their own way, too.

If there were a blogroll for people who forgot the brakes and had to catch their cars or who forgot to open the garage door and drove right through, we'd all be on it!

Sue said...

Wow! That is a blessing considering all of the ways the car could have travelled and did not, bad things all averted! The area looks lovely btw with the trees .. :) Happy BYB Sunday. My blessings are now online too.

msdemmie said...

Lucky escape!

Happy BYB Sunday - have a good week.

Blue Panther said...

Sandy: Yeap, maybe some day someone does start a blog roll like that. We could get on it! :)

Sue: It indeed was a great blessing. Happy BYB sunday to you too and have a great week ahead.

Msdemmie :Very Lucky!

You have a great week ahead too!

Jayashree Bhat said...

oh my God. You were just lucky. A miracle indeed.
I have tagged you. If you wish, you may reply.

Whatever said...

An interesting story. Depending on how you look at it, is says something different.

Thank you for nominating me for the "Thinking Blogger" award! It should be interesting to follow the links to other sites that make people think. Who knows, thinking might become a habit for me! :-)

Kuanyin said...

I love stories of miracles--mahalo for sharing yours! Happy BYB Sunday!

CyberCelt said...

When I was young, my family's car slid out of the driveway, across a busy street and, instead of ending up in the deep bayou, something made it turn to the left and it stopped, held in place by grapevines, until we found it.

I am glad your car, if not your dignity, is intact. LOL

Cass said...

I'm joining in for the first time. This is a marvelous idea! I forget how I found you because ...well, it's all in this post.

Marilyn said...

Wow, that is something I would do. How very lucky that it turned out so well. A blessing indeed!

Blue Panther said...

Jayashree: I was lucky indeed!
I am not very good with tags!

Whatever: Thinking might become a habit for you??? I think it already is. :)

Kuanyin: I love stories of miracles too, but when they happen to you they take on a different meaning altogether.

Cybercelt: So, you think I lost my dignity? :(

Cass: Welcome to the BYB Sunday.Hope you have a good time here.

Marilyn: Yes, it must have been my lucky day!

Squirrel said...

I did that once but my car unfortunately hit a parked car!

Blue Panther said...


But I really feel better knowing that I am not the only one who has made a mistake like that.LOL.

Techsplorer (Eagan, MN) said...

Great tale. I loved it.

Blue Panther said...

Eagan: I am glad you liked it!

stev said...

blessed cars! ;)

can just imagine the shock at the moment of happening :P

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