May 1, 2007

A World Cup that never was

I, till recent times, used to be a huge fan of a lazy sport called Cricket.

Slowly, I turned from a huge fan into an ordinary fan and now I am totally indifferent to it, especially after the recently concluded World Cup that started without a bang and ended without a whimper. As was predicted by most pundits, Australia won the World cup without losing a single game and making the other teams look like a bunch of club teams.

Everyone, except the Australians, was hoping for a Sri Lankan win but those hopes were dashed. Australians are a side that is disliked by almost every one because of the arrogant and the ruthlessness they show on the field. But, what team would not be arrogant after winning three World Cups in a row. No team has done that before them and any team after them will find it hard, if not impossible, to repeat the feat. Australia, it seems have taken Cricket to the next level and the other sides are struggling to catch up with them.

By being so exceptional on the field, they are killing the game. No one expects any other team to win a tournament if Australia is in it. Thus the tournament loses its sheen because its end is known even before the start.

But to blame Australia for it will be a mistake. It’s the rest of the teams that have to be blamed for failing to keep up with the leader. And India was supposed to be one of the stronger of the rest of these teams. But the Indian performance in the Cup broke the heart of millions of Indians (Me being one of them) who had been led to believe by the media, the Cricket Board and the players themselves that they were going to get the World Cup to India. They tried, and made complete fools of themselves in the process.

A tournament like World Cup is supposed to help the game gain popularity and also give the fans a chance to enjoy watching the best teams compete with each other for the honors. But this World Cup did neither. In fact, if we have another World Cup like this, Cricket will be history.


MXI said...

I wonder if your feelings would be the same if the Indian team was in the position of the Australians.

Perspective is everything.

ChilledBeer said...

Hoping for an Australian win is the most fuckin stupid thing ever.
Why the heck should any team win just for the heck of it? I'd rather watch Australia thrash every team for the next 50 ears than to see idiots compete against them and win a match by luck.

ChilledBeer said...

You got my vote in the blog battle though. Good luck

Blue Panther said...

Mxi: I can't say that they would be the same but they would be something on very similar lines.

Chilledbeer: Thank you for the vote!

squirrel said...

I am having to endure life with a husband who watches the hockey playoffs. Pray for my sanity.

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