June 10, 2007

BYBS - Rules

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Every day in our lives we are beset by limits – lines that we are not supposed to cross. Sometimes these limitations seem oppressing, and rules just seem to be there for tying us down and from preventing us from doing what we really want. But if one thinks about it, it will not take long to realize that it is only because of these rules that we are able to live our lives.

I am sure all of us can think of examples from our lives when we did something and then, later, regretted doing it. At that time we realize that it might not be the best thing to do, but we do it anyways. Similarly, there might have been certain times when we, maybe unwillingly, followed the rules and respected the limits. When we look back now, I think most of us will be thankful that at those times we were able to do the right thing - the alternative could have been really bad.

In my life, I can think of many times when I found the so many rules irritating and even suffocating. But I am glad, and thankful, that each of these times I managed to pull through without violating any major rule or limit. And now, I feelthat rules and limits are an important part of one's life and though one does not have to follow the rules blindly, yet following the rules, it seems, is the best way to play the game that we call ife.

Have a beautiful week!


Sandy Carlson said...

It's interesting to have a conversation with the rules, to think about them, accept them, challenge them as necessary. Engaging them thoughtfully, as you have done, rather than blindly accepting or rejecting them makes for a responsible person.

Creative people are always breaking some kind of rule, I think. Give one a blog template and see how many ways he or she will get past the presets!

Sue said...

What an a terrific post! I agree with you. While it is ok to challenge on occasion rules or various laws in fact that is necessary for our evolution as a society, we do need rules, and yes limitations to govern our actions or we would live within chaos. Happy BYB Sunday, my entry is now online too.

Matthew Didier said...

Rules can be a double-edged sword... most rules are for the overall good of people and keep us safe... others are imposed by those less scrupulous to keep us from possibly expanding insights or even learning.

Like you, I'm VERY glad that there are rules more than I'm worried about "bad rules"... but I recognise them both.

Happy BYB Sunday! Mine's at http://tinyurl.com/35dszf

CyberCelt said...

Rules are good. Otherwise, we have anarchy.

When I was young, I did not think the rules applied to me. Now I know they do.

I also know that if I do something wrong, it will come out. I have tried teaching this to my son, but you have to learn it for yourself. I just wish he would take someone else's car and wreck it each time. LOL

Great post, Neo. Have a great day and a blessed week.

msdemmie said...

What a great post - Happy BYB Sunday!

Kuanyin said...

Happy BYB Sunday from a loving rule-breaker!

Blue Panther said...

Sandy: I agree completely. Have a great week ahead.

Sue: Thank you for liking the post and taking the time to comment. Happy BYB Sunday to you too.

Matthew: Happy BYB Sunday to you too andhope you hae a great week ahead.

Cybercelt: LOL. It is true though, we all have to make our own mistakes before we can truly learn our lessons. I hope your son never wrecks a car again - yours or anyone else's.

Have a great week ahead.

Msdemmie: Happy BYB Sunday to you too and have a great week ahead.

Kuanyin: Happy BYB Sunday to you too! Have a great week ahead.

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