June 11, 2007


PPP has become a well-known acronym in the blogosphere now. Some love it, some hate it but Pay Per Post, it seems to me, is here to stay. I have been a member of PPP for almost a year now though I haven’t done a lot of posts for them, I like the idea of getting paid per post.

I think that Pay Per Post is a great concept and benefits both the bloggers and the advertisers but bloggers need to chose the opportunities wisely and not take just about anything that is on offer. I have done three posts for PPP till now, not including this one, and they have earned me about 21 $ in all. I try to choose opportunities that blend in with my usual posts on the blog and do not stand out. At the same time, since I get paid to blog, I try and ensure that the advertiser gets a fair deal too.

But, the best part about PPP is that it gives me the satisfaction of knowing I am making some money off my writing.

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