June 12, 2007

Taking Risks

“Life is all about taking risks, the greater the risk you are willing to take the better will your rewards be,” said my friend.

At that moment I felt that what he said was right, but thinking about it later I realized that my friend was wrong. Of course people do take risks sometimes and even get rewarded for the risk they take, but the reward is more a result of other factors than risk alone.

We see a lot of successful people around us and when we see them we try and find the reason for their success. Often it is observed that a person left his job or a secure profession to dabble in something he liked, and that resulted in him excelling in his field of choice. Or someone takes a great gamble, and it pays off, and then there is no looking back for that someone.

Naturally, then, a strong urge takes birth inside us to take a risk on similar lines and when we can’t do it, we simply blame our inability to take risks for our failures. But the reason lies somewhere else.

No man will take an axe and hit himself in the foot with it. Similarly, no one will undertake an enterprise that is doomed to fail. A person takes a risk only when he can see success at the other end; he will take his chances not because he likes to gamble but because he knows he has the ability to succeed, and is confident of doing so. What might seem as a rash act to others is often well thought of, by the person doing the act.

Another thing to note when we see successful people who had taken a huge risk at some point of time or other is that not everyone who takes a risk succeeds. We simply do not see the ones who fail as they fail to make it to the spotlight. Nine people out of ten who do something like that fail but we see and focus on the only one who succeeded.

By saying this I don’t mean to say that one should not tread on the road not taken but one should prepare well for it. It is not about taking risks but about making oneself capable of achieving what one wants from life, and then doing whatever is needed to be done to get there, regardless of the risk factor involved.

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Anonymous said...

i agree with u..adding to that wat u said, i think life is full of risks everyday when u go out its some or the other way kinda risk only so i believe life is more of managing risks then of taking risks ..have a nice day

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