June 5, 2007

Writing a Poem

One of the things that I have always wanted to do is write poetry. I have tried it again and again but to no avail. I spend a good amount of time with a pen and a paper in my hand, and at the end of it what I end up are a bunch of lines so muddled up that it is difficult, even for me, to know what the subject of the poem is.

But, I think that is true about any form of writing that I try my hand at. I have always DREAMED Of being a writer; of saying things that have meaning and significance. But, as I have said in a previous post, like most dreams I had given up on it, accepted it as a romantic notion that would never be realized, but would comfort me in my old age by making me feel that I could have done it had I got my chance.

Then, the Internet happened and one thing led to another and blogging became popular and, finally, I heard of it too and before I realized I was blogging (in fact blogging has been the subject of one of my BYB Sunday blessings post.) and getting a platform to write and be read.

Now, that I am back to writing and I have tried my hand at the short story and the long novel, maybe it is time for me to try my hands at writing poetry again and inflict some torture on you, my reader.

(Exam update: One down, three to go. Thank you all for your good wishes.)


Sandy Carlson said...

Go for it! The American poet Mary Oliver has two wonderful books about poetry. The older one is called Poetry Handbook, funny enough. The other, I believe, is Rules of the Dance. The latter is about writing metrical verse. She is a woman who loves her art form, loves life, and has a vast and deep soul. She makes poetry real, meaningful, and beautiful for anybody. I hope you post what you write.

stev said...

good luck with the remaining 2 papers!

still personally enjoy your writing & blogging as well including your unique train of thoughts

besides, mention India & it at least sounds exotic right?! ;)

keep at it tho. would say that you are pretty good at it. maybe a lifetime's work/novel/etc? thought of other means of self-publishing such as on lulu.com?

rain said...

I just discovered your blog today, and you certainly have the ability to write. I have no doubt that you will get past this block and come up with some great poetry.

Perhaps you're trying too hard?

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