June 3, 2007

BYBS - Exams

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This coming week does not seem to be a promising one. I have some exams to appear in, and pass, but I find myself totally un-prepared for the task. How I wish time would stop in its tracks and it never would be Monday.

But, on the other hand, examinations are a great blessing, especially for someone like me who cannot study until it is absolutely necessary to do so. I have loved reading since I was a child, but give me a textbook and I am sleeping in less than fifteen minutes flat. And, lately, I have spent lot of time sleeping. Examinations give us a target that we need to hit, a goal that we need to achieve.

Life has often been called a series of tests that we have to appear in one after another. But these tests are important for us because they tell us how well we are living our lives. If we don’t do well, we know there is something that needs to be changed and we should change it. Exams also test our capability and show us where we truly stand with respect to ourselves and the rest of the world.

One other thing that tests inculcate in us the spirit of competition. If uncontrolled, this spirit of competition can prove dangerous, but having a healthy spirit of competition is an absolute must for personal growth as well as improvement of society. If everyone wants to try and do as good as he can without hampering the growth of another, it will only lead to a better world.

That said, I think it is time for me to get back to getting ready for the coming week. For however much I want time to stop, it won’t do that for me and maybe someone somewhere is waiting eagerly for Monday. I don’t want to make him wait longer that he needs to. So, come next week and ready or not, I will face it.

Meanwhile, Have a great week every one! Oh, could someone please send some luck my way.


Sandy Carlson said...

God bless your studies! May the competitive spirit and the drive to succeed keep you awake and alert through the whole process.

I watched Pursuit of Happyness yesterday. The main character, Chris Gardner (Will Smith) shares your spirit!

Happy BYB Suunday!

Whatever said...

Like you, I practically need the threat of something truly horrible to get myself to study ( I wrote a whole post on this!). After all these years the only conclusion that I've come to is that, in some ways, learning is uncomfortable and I have to push myself to do it. It is indeed a blessing to be motivated to do something, I just wish there were some way of doing the same thing that was a bit easier :-S

Sue said...

Happy BYB Sunday!!!!! Sending lots of good lucks your way for the coming week, and your exams!!!!

My entry is here:



Dana said...

Good luck!!!!!

Happy BYB Sunday!

msdemmie said...

Happy BYB Sunday - and good luuck in revision and your exams.

villageofmany said...

Good luck with your studies!

This is my first day to join in on blog your blessings, but I have seen it around on various blogs the last week or so. I think it's a great idea.

I blogged about the rain and my garden today.

BYB entry

Matthew Didier said...

Sending good wishes and thoughts for you at exam time! You'll do spectacularly!

My BYB is at http://tinyurl.com/39hjoq

All the best!!!

CyberCelt said...

Here is luck and prayers and wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

all the very best for your exams!!

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