May 31, 2007

The Future may be certain

Sometimes I wonder why it is so difficult for a person to follow his or her own advice. I, myself, have often suggested things to people, but when it has come to doing the very same things , I have been unable to do so.

As I said in one of my earlier posts, I feel that most of us do have some idea of right and wrong; of what we should be doing and what we should not. Yet when the time comes, for one reason or another, we end up doing something that we should not be doing. We work hard not to do the right thing, but to find a reason that could justify our wrongdoing.

One of the answers to the above question lies in astrology – the science or art of predicting human nature and the future on the basis of planetary positions. I am not too much into astrology but some of the things that I have looked up do make sense. Different planets have been ascribed different properties and their positions in one’s horoscope is said to affect the way a person acts or reacts to any given situation.

Though, the funny thing about Astrology is that most people don’t believe in it until they are beset with problems. It is only when one suffers that one turns to astrology to find a possible cause and solution for his problems. And some people actually find a solution to their problems through Astrology.

Do you believe in Astrology and prediction of your future on the basis of your horoscope? And do you have any reason for believing or not believing in it.


Sandy Carlson said...

Astrology...I check my horoscope when I read the paper. Then I seem to forget about it. I appreciate the ones that are written in a way that gets me motivated for a good day. I don't honestly know if there is validity in it, but I don't know that there isn't.

Lestat said...

As far as that sense of whats right and whats wrong, I beleive that comes from somewhere else.

Not Jiminy Cricket, not the planets or stars. Its bigger. It's the one who created you, and the one who created me.

CyberCelt said...

When I was younger, I would not travel without consulting the stars. I remember one time my mother was planning a trip to Hawaii with me and my sister. This was back when it took about 18 hours to fly there.

I charted the entire trip by astrology and everything looked spot on. The only Saturn (malefic) hour during our round trip was during a plane change in LAX.

We had a wonderful vacation and returned home, safe and brown. In Houston, we deplaned and we breathed a sigh of relief.

When we went to pick up our luggage, we were told it was en route to Alaska. Somehow the luggage was put on the wrong plane while we were on the ground in LAX.


Now, I just let go and let God. Its a heck of a lot easier.

stev said...

hmmm. you may enjoy reading this blog post where astrology played an interesting role in it. pretty long read tho about relationships. mainly.

quite cunningly close sometimes tho I would say. this astrology thing.

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