July 15, 2007

BYBS - Trying!

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The week that went by was another one of those weeks that required a lot of things to be done. But as I sit here, at the end of the week, I realize that nothing major got done. It made me wonder if it would have been better not to have tried doing anything in the first place.
But not for long, because soon enough I was reminded of a story that I had read somewhere a long time back.
Adam goes to college, where he works hard enough. In spite of that he does not do well in the exams. In fact, he fails in a couple of subjects. Disappointed and dejected, he calls his dad and says, "Dad, I think I am just not good enough?"
"Why not? you were always good at studies?" the dad replies.

"But then why did I fail? I tried to do well."

The father, after listening to his son for a while, said just one thing ,"Son, did you really try hard enough?"

Adam realized that though he had tried, yet he had not tried hard enough. He had not done the best he could have done, and he knew at once that the next time he would do much better.

On similar lines, I know that if I could not accomplish what I wanted to in the last week, being disappointed about it will not get me anywhere. The only thing that can help anyone in a situation like this is the ability to bounce back, and try harder the next time. One might fail again, but if he keeps on trying, success will be his.

Though sometimes trying can be easier said than done because it is easy to be depressed after a failure. Looking beyond the failure seems impossible. At such times the ability to rise from the ashes like the phoenix is a great blessing, and one that I hope to be blessed with and stay blessed with for the rest of my life. I hope all of us can be blessed with the ability to overcome testing and trying conditions and be blessed with success.

On another note,
The Mag is now online. It didn't work out exactly the way I wanted to, but well atleast it is a start, and don't they say, "Well begin is half done." I am eagerly looking forward to any feedback, comments or suggestions that you might have.



Hello there Blue Panther...
I joined your blogrol with sincere intentions... and I really feel guilty of not following the spirit of this developing community.. So many nice people leave a comment to me and I really feel bad.. But to tell you the truth I m into serious turmoil in my life for past few months ... If you wish you can delete my blog from the list or give me some time at least a month.. My mother has got a life threatning disease.. and we re struggling with that.. I m continuing with the blogs with bare minimum of posts just to achieve some financial gains although not much... A heart felt sorry to members of BYBS COMMUNITY...

CyberCelt said...

@neo-All we can do is our best. Sometimes it is just not good enough. That is something we just have to accept. Easier said than done.

maria said...

Here are my blessings for sunday, july 15th, 2007.

I finally got enough sense to get off the couch today and walked with my nordic poles for 20 minutes.(indoor)

After the effort, I felt so good, it was very powerful.


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