July 14, 2007

Make or Break

It has always surprised me as to why the natural order of things is that if left to themselves they tend to move from order to disorder. We, or atleast most of us, are in a constant battle with things around us to make order of the chaos that our lives become if we only stop to relax and catch our breath.

It only strengthens my belief that our lives here are a test of some kind where we are put through one situation after another and our abilities and capacities to deal with these situations are rated and our performances are used to decide where we go from here on. This belief, if it does nothing else, helps a person take important decisions in his life.

Another thing that really puzzles me is this : It takes a long time, sometimes a whole lifetime, to make something and it takes a very small time, sometimes a second to break it. A healthy relationship between a couple is something that takes years and years to build and all it takes is one moment of weakness to destroy it. One can do the right thing all his life and make one mistake and all people will talk about is that one mistake of his. Even something as inanimate as a building takes years to build, but it can be brought down in a matter of minutes. A tree takes years, sometimes hundreds of years, to mature and a wood cutter will chop it down in minutes, even seconds if he has the right equipment.

Though it is unfair but that is the way things are and there is nothing we, human beings, can do about it other than accept the rules and play the game by the rules. This is to say that the next time any of us is about to break or destroy something - a heart, a home, a vessel, a friendship, a plant, a company, anything at all - we should stop ourselves and think about the time and effort to build it.

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Sandy Carlson said...

This post is a great reminder of how important it is to cherish the people around us. One mistake can lead to one rumor and one rumor can be like one drop of water after another--pure torture! I've seen this happen in a friend's life.

Also, when I see trees cut down for the convenience of a person just passing through...I feel anger and sorrow at the selfishness. It's wrong and it's blind. Think of the life one tree supports. It's amazing. We need to think carefully about all decisions for the reasons you discuss.

Happy BYB Sunday!

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