July 10, 2007

Creativity, or lack of it

Sometimes it is so hard to write or even think anything at all, and at other times ideas flow in our minds like a river in flood. But mostly when the ideas strike us we are unprepared for them and the best of our ideas go waste. While at other times when we are looking (sometimes desperately) for ideas for a blog post, an article or anything at all we can end up totally blank.

What is it about human being that makes him more creative than other animals or what are the conditions that make one human more creative than the other. To some extent, it can be said that some amount of creativity is a gift from the Gods, but then it can't be only that.

Let us just take one individual for example. At times he might be at his creative best and at times he might be having a very hard time trying to think of something original. So creativity varies even for a single individual from time to time.

I have found that I am most creative when I let myself go – when I am not worried about writing a blog post or writing anything that I intend to write on a platform that is public. It is also when I am away from the routine of life (which involves computers, cars, buses, other people) and among the countryside that I feel more creative. At such times it feels like I am a different person altogether. One who feels the air rushing on the skin, one who can actually stop to smell the air, one who does not get on the defensive if someone waves to him from a distance. In short it feels like someone who is truly alive.

I often wonder if someone living in the countryside goes through a similar set of feelings when he comes to the city. For don't we always desire what we don't have, sometimes what we can't have at all. Maybe he gets used to the sights and sounds of nature and they don't stimulate his mind. Maybe he gets his excitement from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Do you know what it is, that stimulates your mind


Sandy Carlson said...

This post speaks to me today, to be sure! I too find it best not to focus on being creative. To let it happen. And then revise, maybe.

Happily Anonymous said...

I am rarely creative...but i still continue to throw words at my blog anyway.

Blue Panther said...

sandy: That is something I try to do too.

HA:I am not the only one who does that then.:)

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