July 8, 2007

BYBS - A Ramble

(To know more about Blog Your Blessings Sunday, click here, and to see the blog roll click here. If you participate and your name is not on the roll, just leave a comment and your name will be added as soon as possible. If you do not participate, it’s never too late to start. Just Blog Your Blessings.)

Last week was a busy one. Work was the main culprit, but there were other things too that I will keep to myself for now. Being busy is something I have always considered to be a blessing because not having something to do is depressing, and they rightly say, “an idle man’s mind is a devil’s workshop”

This week on BYB Sunday I am not going to focus on any one thing and ramble about stuff. I hope you, the reader, will be able to go through the whole post without being bored.

There is one thing that I have been meaning to ask all the regular BYBers for quite a while now. There are some blogs that have been added to the blog roll, but haven’t posted a BYB Sunday post for a long time. Should there be a rule about how many weeks one can go without posting a BYB Sunday post before we take it off the blog roll??? I never wanted a lot of rules to be associated with BYB. But, if we can have a consensus on something, then we could do it. What say you?

On another note, a few posts back I posted about the new Seven Wonders of the World, the list is out and India’s Taj Mahal has made as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The other six are: The Great Wall of China, Jordan’s Petra, Brazil’s statue of Christ the Redeemer, Peru’s Machu Picchu, Rome’s Colosseum and Mexico’s Chichen Itza Pyramid. Though UNESCO had earlier announced that they had nothing to do with the awards and the announcing of the new Seven Wonders of the World would not mean any additional funding or recognition officially, yet I am sure that these awards did create a mass awareness of the existence of these ancients relics, especially in the countries in which they exist.

Also, as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, the MAG (an online magazine that I am hoping to start) is still looking for articles and contributions. It is a general interest magazine so almost anything goes. If you are interested, you can send in your contributions at

And with that, I will take your leave. I hope everyone has a great Sunday and a Blessed next week.


Sandy Carlson said...

God bless your sunday, Neo!

I wonder about the folks who don't do a BYB post. I think this is a great blogroll and is a good size to be meaningful. Perhaps folks who are genuinely not interested any longer (and not going through a bad time) should come off so others can come on without the thing getting unwieldy?

Thanks for the update on the mag.

Sue said...

Interesting ramble .. :) In my opinion in regards to rules for BYB Sunday I agree that it is not fair to the other regulars if people are not participating yet remain on the blog roll. Sometimes though computers go down or other stuff happens. I think it would not be too much to ask that if people are going to take some time off to at least drop you a note or leave a comment for you. Or do the same if they just don't want to participate any more.

Happy BYB Sunday .. :)

Lorna said...

Happy BYB Sunday! I guess if the blogger has not posted in a very long time, maybe put the blog on hiatus? Have a great week! :-) hugsssssssssss

Matthew Didier said...

Hey Neo...

I'd say you give people three weeks... going a month without contributing is "bad" without some type of notice...

I would honestly just delete them from the blogroll with an e-mail or comment saying that should they wish to continue, you'll put 'em back after two weeks worth of efforts...

I'm an admin to MANY things, and sometimes, you gotta say "Please do the work or you won't get the benefits."

Anyway, I'm done...


...and as for the new wonders, I'm still ticked that I didn't get shortlisted myself! Many people have told me that I'm a "wonder"! :)

Good luck with the e-zine... I'll bounce some stuff around with Sue and maybe we'll have something to contribute... but no promises as real life is kind busy for us too!

stev said...

hmm. removal from the list? hmm. hmm. 6 months would be pretty lenient I would say?

themag eh. interesting. let us know once more details surface =)

the new 7 wonders list is quite neat I must say

Kuanyin said...

Happy BYB Sunday! I agree with you there should be a cut-off. What about five times missing in action? :-) Of course, there are vacations to consider too. How long do you want the articles to be?

CyberCelt said...

@neo-Thanks for sharing the 7 wonders, I had not heard of the selections yet. I bet the Egyptians are angry about the pyramids. They are still the only remaining of the original 7 wonders, so I guess they will get over it.

As the BYBS question, I do get tired of going to blogs that have not been updated, let alone have a post about BYBS. I would say if a blog has not been updated in a month or posted a BYBS post in a month, they be removed from the list. They may always reapply. Its really up to you because you handle the blogroll. Whatever you decide, I am behind you!

Have a wonderful week.

msdemmie said...

Happy BYB Sunday.

It is wonderful to see how BYB Sunday has grown - such a shame you have to start thinking about rules.

We are disappointed here that Stonehenge missed out on the 7 wonders list.

Hope you have a great week.

Ragnar said...

I would disagree on the "not having anything to do is depressing" part. Because I have the ability to use those moments to delve into my fantasy and develop new stories or improve/continue already existing stories. Regards from me, sitting at a crappy portable in an old house in a godforsaken place. Have a good summer.

Anonymous said...

eotries will work for you??

Blue Panther said...

Sandy I wonder about them too. Though I do feel that sometimes one gets caught up in life and can miss blogging for a certain amount of time, yet if there are people who, as you say, are not interested any longer, then it is in the best interests of everyone that they come off the blog roll.

sue: Thank you! And that would be a great thing if someone who intends to go away for a bit or not participate for a while could drop a line to the same effect.

Have a great week ahead!

Lorna: I think we could do that.
Have a great week ahead.

Matthew: Hey!

I like your idea of giving them three weeks and then one more after dropping a comment on the blog. I think you are right when you say that sometimes one has to say "
"Please do the work or you won't get the benefits."

As for not being voted as a new wonder, accept my heartfelt regret. LOL.

Thank you for the wishes with the e-zine. I will be looking forward to something from you.

Stev: I would say one month would be quite enough too?? no??

Blue Panther said...

Kuanyin: We seem to be getting to a consensus here about keeping a month without posting as a criteria for taking a blog off the blog roll.

I think anything between 500 to 1000 words would be a good word count for an article on the mag.

CyberCelt: A month it is then!

Thank you for the support and have great week ahead.

Msdemmie: It is indeed wonderful to see that BYB has almost 30 participants now and we are almost into our thirtieth week. It is sad that We have to think about rules, though I am still not very inclined towards them.

Sorry about the stonehenge.

Have a great week ahead!

Ragnar: When you are delving into your fantasies and developing new stories, you are actually doing something and not doing "nothing".

You have a great week and a better summer too.

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