July 6, 2007

Wishing Well

“Like science, there is a law that governs human behavior,” my friend said.

I raised my eyebrows, and said nothing.

He continued, “ I mean, and I strongly believe, that if you think good of someone, he or she cannot help but think good of you, wherever he or she may be.”

I responded with a quick, “But there are a lot of successful people who are not liked by a vast majority, and the person who is disliked may not even be aware of the existence of many among this majority. Going by your logic if they hate him he should hate them back…Or let us say there are stars and celebrities that are loved, adored, even worshipped by millions of people whose existence the star, or the celebrity, is unaware of.”

…The conversation then drifted off to various topics, the details of which will bore most of you (and I think I bore all of you enough already), so I will refrain from repeating the details of the conversation here.

Later, as is my habit, I was thinking about the conversation and my initial reaction was still the same - the way you think about someone else has nothing to do with the way he thinks about you. I still think I am right, though I won’t insist on it. I have been wrong before and I could very well be wrong again.

But one thing I am sure of is that thinking well of others, even if they have hurt you (of course one can not think good of a friend who borrows your favorite jacket for one night, and never returns it), can only help a person. Maybe it will not make the other person think well of you, but it will help you get rid of the negativity that not only drags you down but also prevent you from getting up and moving on.

On that note, I will take your leave for now and try to wish well for everyone, even the friend who took my jacket.

1 comment:

Sandy Carlson said...

I hope you get that jacket back! I think you're right, that brushing off negativity helps a person move on. It might help the other person to realize you're willing to move on, too. God bless your BYB Sunday.

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