July 20, 2007

Letter to fellow Bloggers and Readers

Dear fellow bloggers and readers,

I am using the letter form for this post because I have a few questions to ask you, and I need to hear what you have to say on the subject. I am hoping that using the letter format will make you want to leave a reply.

After experimenting with Adsense for quite a while, I have felt that it really does not help a person get anywhere as far as the money situation goes. I have had ads on my blog for quite some time now. In the beginning I had them because that was the first piece of code that I was able to add to my blog. Then, I read about people who were supposedly making fortunes from adsense and asked myself, why not me?

So, just to see how much these claims were true I decided to use adsense a little bit more, and I was disappointed. I have had an Adsense account for more than a year and a half now and I have $ 6 in my account. I will make sure that I do not spend that all in one go; but to spend them, I have to first get them, and if I am not wrong, Google wants me toget to $ 100 before they will pay me. At the rate of 6 $ a year, it should take me about 16 years.

But before I decided to totally give up on Adsense , I decided to give it one more chance and a very good chance by placing a Adsense banner on the topmost place in my sidebar. Now when I did that, I was really not sure if it was a good idea for more than one reason. So, my dear readers (for some reason I have begun to assume that I have some readers, and I hope I am right in my assumption) I would like you to tell me (honest opinions solicited- you can even be cruel if you feel like it) what you think of the ad and its placement. If you don't want it, or if it distracts you from the main body then all you have to do is just say it. I would really appreciate your feedback.

Another question that has been bugging me is this : Does every blog have a lifecycle? Does a blog grow old? and does there come a time in it's life when it has to die. Death after all is a natural process and they say everything that takes birth has to die one day. What I am saying here is simply this : do you think it is time that this blog ceased to exist?

I dont want to do it, but if it is time to go then it is time to go. Plus, even if this blog goes away, I will be sure to let you know where you can find me on the net. I am not going to leave you alone easily.

In eager anticpation of your replies and comments,



Happily Anonymous said...

I know nothing about ads other than the fact that they clutter up a blog in my opinion for little payback. Content is probably what dictates the life of a blog.

Lucky Lady said...

i don't blog for money because I think you have to put more hours into it then you get out of it and also I think people just get tired of blogs sometime and then get back on a streak of well it will be ok for a while again don't deleite I did once and was sorry afterwards you have a good blog

Sandy Carlson said...

My husband and I have found that Adsense doesn't do us much good financially. We figure all our good blogging stuff comes free, so he's happy to post ads.

I think your blog is good and thoughtful. Let your blog serve the thoughts you wish to share. Maybe these are not life and death questions but change and growth. How is your magazine coming along?

CyberCelt said...

Adsense does not make money for anyone unless they have a highly trafficked blog. I made more money with Text Link Ads in one month, than 2 years of Adsense.

If you are going to add banners and more to your website, put them where they will do the most good, the hotspots.


As to the life cycle of a blog. I see a lot of abandoned blogs on the web. I always wonder, "What happened? Where are they now?"

I would miss you, Neo, and Blog Your Blessing Sunday. If you feel you need to go, Vaya con Dios (go with God).

msdemmie said...

I view blogs for content - have never clicked and ad in my 18 months or so blogging history.

I am not sure about blog life-cycles and blogs - real life has overtaken me somewhat recently and I veer between nothing to say and too much to say and end up saying nothing.

Happy BYB Sunday!

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

In answer to your questions:

1. I don't blog for $ because, bluntly, it is not worth the effort to me. I don't need the $ as I make an acceptable income. I don't criticize others who do earn $ this way because we all have to survive. So if you don't mind the ads on your site, I'll over look them.

That said, my preference would be to NOT come here and see the pink toilet that is at the top of your left sidebar at this time. But . . . if it doesn't bother you, who am I to criticize? I just wouldn't want it on MY blog.

2. It is time for a blog to go away, in my opinion, when it is no longer fun and fulfilling for the blog owner. I don't write to please the masses. I write because I enjoy it and it brings meaning to my life. If someone comes along and enjoys my work, great. But I wouldn't stop based on others' happiness.

I hope you don't go away because I enjoy visiting and interacting with you. I find your posts thought-provoking and always feel blessed after coming here or seeing that you have been to my site!

BTW, my blessings have been blogged, so you are invited whenever you have the time and inclination.

Jayashree Bhat said...

I think a blog dies only when the writer in a person does. So it's all upto you.

I don't now much about ads. I think the monster ad is a bit too colorful compared to the rest of your blog and hence diverts the attention of the reader to it.

I think you do have it in you to continue blogging. So, do continue. Best of luck!

Sue said...

I think a blog will evolve, but it must be a conscious decision of course to let it die ...

So far we made $25.00 from the following:


And they are not overt. I have no idea about adsense as I've never tried it.

Karl L. Gechlik said...

So we have discovered the same thing as you over @ AskTheAdmin

Pennies and a big distraction so we ditched it. If you look at my site on the right hand side you will see a link to adbrite click it and check it out.

Much better money - alot more options.

We have jumped to making a few dollars a day - nothing major. But we do know people making fortunes off of ad words. They have MANY sites and point their links back and forth.

With Adbrite the more traffic you have the more money you are worth.

Come stop by and say hello.

Your friends @ http://www.askTheAdmin.com

Sandy Carlson said...

I came back to see how this conversation was unfolding. Good thoughts from Cybercelt that I passed along to my husband! I'm with Janie on the "blogging what interests me" approach. You reach someone, even down the road. I check my stats sometimes and see these prehistoric posts getting hit. It feels good to think of connecting with someone or offering something meaningful. You have great thoughts here, and I enjoy your blog.

Robert Mandrake said...

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I would really appreciate your opinion or comment via posting a comment on my blog if you get a spare moment :)

Blue Panther said...

Before I begin to respond to the comments, I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to comment.

Happily Anonymous: I agree with you when you say that Content is very important when it comes to deciding whether a blog should stay alive or die.

LuckyLady: I won't delete it. Thanks for liking my blog.

Sandy: Yea, Adsense doesn't do much good at all. Thank you for considering the blog good and thoughtful.

The magazine is up and running at http://themag.in . You can check it out and tell me what you think of it.

Cybercelt: hmmm... maybe I should try Text Ad Links too.

Yea, I see a lot of abandoned blogs too, and that definitely makes one wonder...and made me decide that this blog is going to stay, atleast for a while.

Msdemmie: I myself have rarely clicked on any ads in my two years of blgging life. And I think sometimes life does catch up with you and makes blogging hard.

Blue Panther said...

Janie: Thank you for your very insightful comment and I think you have hit the bull's eye with your comment.

Jayashree: Thanks for the wishes...and I hope too that I do have it in me to continue blogging.

Blue Panther said...

Sue Thank you for taking the time to comment and I might give text ad links a try sometime soon.

Karl: Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I will surely stop by and visit your blog soon.

Sandy: Thanks once again for liking my blog and the encouraging words.

Robert:Thank you for liking the blog and taking the time to coment. I will surely visit your blog very soon.

stev said...

the previous comments have covered a large amount of it & the most relevant comments would indeed come from cybercelt that adsense only generates profit on very high traffic blogs today

most bloggers will ignore most ads in today's world where ads are basically everywhere

personally stopped ads once i moved to wordpress (did happen though that my old blog which had PayPerPost generated enough to pay for my blog domain for the next few years)

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