August 12, 2007


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I almost missed the BYB Sunday post this week due to a power outage which, in turn, was most likely due to the incessant rain our town has been witnessing for the past day or two. But, for now, the power is working and everything is working the way it is supposed to. That by itself is a blessing.

The whole Sunday was spent thinking, reading and sleeping - in turns and in no particular order. Something is missing in my life these days that I had got very used to, and I can not help but miss the thing. Those who know me well and read this blog (I don't think there are a lot of that species) will know what I am talking about. Missing someone or something can be a horrible feeling and can take all the fun out of life, but then again, it is only when we don't have that something or someone around, that we realize how much that thing or that someone means to us.

Another thing happened last week that I want to write about here, but the fact that the thing is work related and many people at work know about this blog, stops me from recounting it here. So, I will just say that sometimes, even at work, life throws up unexpected opportunities that we might miss, but if we are able to catch hold of them, life becomes better.

Have a great week ahead! Oh! and by the way if you were wondering what N.I.P stood for, it is Nothing In Particular :o) .


Sue said...

I am happy to hear you got your power back! A few years back we went without power for four days and you really don't have an idea how important it is within our lives until it is gone. As you say true of everything. BTW love the pics you posted earlier, in particular your Uncle's house. Happy BYB Sunday!

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

I wondered what happened! (Stupid power grid!)

First off, there's probably more people that read through your blog (lurk) then don't! I know my "stats" show that I get about five-thousand hits per day, but once you elminate "spammers", bots, and other automatons, I'm left with 1,000 plus readers... and only about maybe fifty have commented. Never underestimate the power of lurkers...

As for "missing something"... I think we all feel that way... but this is also fuel for ambition and effort to improve! Even if the "missing something" is peace and quiet, it throws you towards trying to tidy things up to acquire the time for that... if it's something else, then you will work towards that thing with the necessary trials and errors in the attempt.

In some ways, "missing something" is a blessing... as it shows you what you may need or want and how much it means to you... or it will spur you into action.

Hey, you're preaching to the choir... but it's a good sermon!

Sandy Carlson said...

Good on you to rest a bit this weekend. I hope the sorrow of missing someone or something eases for you. God bless your week ahead.

Anonymous said...

The blessing here is to be able to recognize the opportunities in our lives that will help make our lives or someone else's better.

msdemmie said...

Glad you have your power back - Happy BYB Sunday.

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