August 2, 2007

Those little devils

I love books and I have never made any secret of the fact. In fact, I have a little collection of books that I try to keep in the best shape. Now, yesterday, I took out a book from the shelf, turned over a leaf, and to my horror I notice that there are little holes on the first page.

The reason for the holes was not hard to find. As I flicked through the pages, I spied a few silverfish running here and there as if my precious book was their playground. Then I checked other books and sure enough there were tell tale signs of the little insect's presence everywhere. Not even my passport was spared. A couple of pages had been licked, though not enough to cause holes.

My first instinct was to crush the little bugs where ever I saw them, but then, me being me, I could not get myself to do it. After all, I thought, they are living things too and have as much right to live and eat as much as anyone else. But, I could not let them feast on my books - they can have my clothes, my curtains, but not my books.

A little research told me that Naphthalene balls chase them away. So, now I have naphthalene balls all over my bookshelf. The smell is enough to chase me out of my room every few minutes, so I am sure the little devils will be chased away, once and for all.


... said...


thank you letting me know how to take care of the pests!

Tricia said...

Just be careful. The fumes aren't good for you.

I'd only use it until they're gone and maybe you can cover the bookcase with a sheet or something to concentrate the fumes for a faster effect?

But I do understand.
My book collection is very important to me also.

Sandy Carlson said...

Ewww...moth balls! That's a great tip. I couldn't kill the rascals either.

I guess there's more than one way to devour a book!

Happy BYB Sunday.

Sue said...

We have them too, but thankfully they have so far stayed away from the books! Thank you for posting the remedy for them as well .. good lucks!!!

Marlee said...

hmmm...I must try it out collection of books are mostly kept in cartons due to lack of space. Yrs ago, a rat decided to deliver her babies in one th boxes! :-O it was horrible-my books getting spoilt n the babies! anyway mothballs it is then.

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