July 29, 2007


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Off late, I have been apologising a lot on my blog for one reason or another. So, I guess, one more apology won't hurt. At the risk of sounding too apologetic, I am going to say that I am really sorry for not being able to post my BYB Sunday post last week. There were many reasons responsible for it, and once again I will refrain from enumerating them here.

But, as Muhammad Ali said, " Inside of a ring or out, ain't nothing wrong with going down. it's staying down that's wrong," I am up now, and that brings me to the blessing for this Sunday - Resilience.

However dark the night maybe, however long the tunnel may be, however bad our situation maybe, we, humans, tend to look for the dawn, the light at the end of the tunnel, the nadir from where one can only go up. It is in our makeup that we want to fight back, and be strong once again. And this ability is a great blessing.

I have always tried to keep this blog impersonal, by which I mean that I have tried to talk about stuff - good and bad - that I see and experience in life, but I have tried to focus not on the exact thing happening to me but how it could have happened to anyone, even you. But despite that sometimes it is impossible not to let emotions run amok and influence everything one does, including posting on a blog. The post of last Sunday, if it had happened, would have been one such post.

But over the week, I received some news which can be called good news to some extent. Plus, a realisation that being down in the dumps does no one any good made me try and deal with the situation in the best possible manner. Also, sometimes there is nothing one can do about things; they are as they are, and they will continue to be so, specially if one chooses to do nothing but cry about it. So, all one can do is hold on tight and wait for the troubled times to tide over. After all they say, and rightly so, no two days are alike.

Human Resilience is one thing that helps us tide over tough times. There is great truth in the phrase,"What does not kill us, only makes us stronger." So, this week I blog about resilience with the hope that all of human race is bestowed with enough of it to overcome whatever trying circumstances might be in store for them.

Have a great week ahead!

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stev said...

how we blog remains a personal choice imho & you are of course most entitled to reveal as much or as little as you wish :)

still your writings often encompass showing parts of your life & character in flashes which of course is intriguing & interesting

we could all do with a healthy does of resilience in today's world

Sandy Carlson said...

Great post! I can idenitfy with all you have said. I too try to keep my blog impersonal, not a diary about myself, but about how I see things in our world. It's as much about thinking as connecting.

I hope the clouds dissipate and you're good for many more rounds!

Sue said...

I actually used this phrase "What does not kill us, only makes us stronger" on someone recently. I too believe in the wisdom of these words. Happy BYB and may I add my voice to the chorus, I too am happy you are sticking around .. :)

Anonymous said...

Ithink we all show more of this than we realize.

Anonymous said...

I think we all show more of this than we realize.

msdemmie said...

Glad to see you bounce back.

Happy BYB Sunday

cybercelt said...

Glad you are back. I was worried about your post on the "life cycle of a blog" post. All the BYBers and all your readers would miss you and your strength if you left the blogsphere.

With that said, resilience is a personality trait that some have and some don't. If you do not bounce back, life is drag. Just think of any adverse situation as something "I will laugh about one day." I swear to you that you will.

God bless you this week and always.

Blue Panther said...

Stev: I guess however hard one might try some thing of ones personality creeps into the person's writing...and I am but human.:)

I am glad you find it intriguing and interesting.

Sandy: Thanks for the wishes. Happy BYB Sunday and have a great week.

Sue: Happy BYB Sunday and have a great rest of the week. I am glad to be sticking around too.

Jump Back: True!

Msdemmie: Thank you!

Happy BYB Sunday and have a great rest of the week too.

Cybercelt: I would have missed the BYB posts too and that is why I am not leaving, but sticking around.

Happy BYB Sunday and have a great rest of the week today.

Anonymous said...

great post really motivating!!
god bless you!!

mackeydoodle said...

Please take me off the BYB blogroll.

Blue Panther said...

Anon:Thanks for the blessings and also for taking the time to comment.


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