September 18, 2007

Monkey Business

Monkeys are a big menace in the small town I live in. One of the reasons for that could be the fact of monkeys being sacred in the Hindu religion So, there is little one can do to counter the threat.

For some time now, I have been trying to take some monkey pictures, just for the fun of it. But, getting close to these animals is a bit scary, and add to it the fact that if one of them manages to scratch or bite me, I will have to go in for Rabies shots, and I really don't enjoy being injected, I managed to keep my distance from them. But that was until two days back.

On Sunday, I had gone to a temple and as I was standing in the courtyard, I spied some monkeys sitting on some trees near the temple. I cursed my luck for not getting my camera along, for today was a good chance to take some good pictures. Then, one of the monkeys decided to come my way.

I suddenly remembered that I could use my camera phone. By this time the monkey had come very close to me, and thus I was not sure if making a sudden move would be a good idea. So, I slowly drew out my phone, carefully aimed it at the monkey but he was too close to me for me to be able to focus. So, I let him pass by me and was trying to take a pictures of his back.

As I took aim and clicked the picture, he turned back as if to pose for the picture, and here is what I got :


Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

That is an awesome picture! It is really good from a camera phone too!

Lucky Lady said...

wow that is a neat picture,where do you live that has monkeys we only see them in the zoo

Blue Panther said...

Laura: Thanks!

Lucky Lady:Thank you too! I live in the hills in the Northern part of India.

PlanetMars said...

Cooperative monkey. Nice pix!

Suzi said...

How nice of him to pose so nicely! It's hard to imagine having monkeys running around free, but I suppose it isn't as wonderful as it sounds if they are likely to come after you. They certainly must be entertaining, though!

silken said...

great shot. we have visited my sister in Singapore and she would take us to a spot where she "always sees monkeys" but every time we'd go, there were no monkeys!

thanks for stopping by my blog.

Blue Panther said...

PlanetMars: Cooperative indeed!

Suzi Having monkeys running around freely can be scary too. Sometimes they come after you, if you are carrying an eatable, or, simply, a bag that they think might have something they could eat.

Silken: I hope the picture of the monkey somewhat made up for missing out on the real things. I would rather see the pictures, then see them for real.

Alaleh said...

i find monkeys to be a very interesting subject in photography, and difficult one.
what makes your pic so special is lil monkey's eyes!...
(between karnataka - lots of monkeys- and europe).

Of Gunbuzzys said...

monkeys are scary and interesting at the same time. one never knows exactly "how" scary until they bare their teeth at you, (i stupidly tried petting one once in Dehradun :) ). But monkeys are by far better than peacocks, the latter just have great PR!

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