October 7, 2007


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One thing that I absolutely love to do is watch a good movie. Even if it is not a good one, I might just sit there and watch it, and actually enjoy it. Though I have seen people come out of the movie hall and say,"That was a waste of good money," or something similar, I have rarely not liked a movie that I have seen. And I have seen a lot many of them.

A movie can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can make you angry, or in the least it can entertain you. It is the way you look at it. A good movie tells a story, a story that on some level is based on the lives we live. Even the most fantastical movies have elements that we can easily relate with. Matrix and The Lord of the Rings are two good examples that prove the fact. On the face of it, these are two movies that have nothing to do with real life, but, dig a little deeper, and we find that the movies are all about situations we face in life, decisions we make, prices we pay, all in the hope of a better life.

It may sound strange and childish, but movies affect me a lot. In fact, one of the most embarrassing moments of my life was when the lights went on in the theater at half-time, and there were tears streaming down my cheeks. I could have melted into my chair, but I did not. Any attempts to wipe the tears off were sure to be noticed, so I just sat there hoping no one would notice. Maybe, all my friends were themselves busy hiding their tears, or for some other reason, no one noticed.

I specially like movies that have a heroic character, and Aragon is one of my favorite movie characters. I think having a character like that, as a role model, can help a lot in life. It can keep a person motivated to always do good in life, to strive to be the best that one can be. I don't know if that is true, but I feel it works for me.

Movies are a reflection of our society, and in that form we keep some record of the time that we live in, time that will go by , never to return. A movie though originating from the society has the capability to affect a society more than any other creative media. Thus movies can be an effective vehicle to spread a social message, and entertain, at the same time.

In addition, movies provide us a break from our busy life. Sometimes it is fun to just pop in a DVD, throw away the remote, and relax with a nice movie. If it is not a good one, you might fall asleep, and that is a blessing by itself.

Have a great week!


Sandy Carlson said...

I share your view on movies (no pun intended)! There are a few movie channels on the TV that I think are wonderful because they broadcast classic movies--TCM and AMC. I especially like to watch these. Movie-watching is great way to relax, learn, and have fun.

Thanks for this thought for today.

Happy Blog Your Blessings Sunday.

Sue said...

I too enjoy the escapism that a good film provides us with .. :) Happy BYB Sunday, and hope your upcoming week is a goodly one!

MsDemmie said...

Another one I wholeheartedly agree with - Happy BYB Sunday

Marilyn said...

And some movies are just really great for expanding your perspective of the world... we don't watch much TV, but we do watch movies. Great blessing,

CyberCelt said...

I love movies. All of them. If it stinks, I won't watch it again.

I cry at movies all the time. Its funny, because I usually do not cry at home. I guess its the big screen and surround sound that gets up caught up in it.

Have a great week. Sorry I have not been around, I have been ill.

mrsnesbitt said...

I am like cybercelt and tend to cry at movies.
I remember being taken to see The Sound of Music as a child. I was bored and got my finger stuck in the coca cola bottle. Mum was not to pleased when I started to cry out just as Maria was getting married! LOL!

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