November 13, 2007

If I let you

I was just wondering...

If I let you have my blog for one day, what will be the first thing you would change about it?

It has been a while since I have made any major changes to my blog. Not that I want to, but I thought I should ask you, the reader, if there was something about the blog that needed changing. So, feel free to look around and tell me about the one thing that you would change if I let you have my blog for one day.

You can suggest more than one thing if you like. I don't promise to incorporate all the changes, but I will try and do my best to make as many changes as I possibly can.

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.


The Chef said...

Well, your blog blog has the very thing that a reader wants i.e. Good Posts and Regular Updates.

I can suggest two things for your blog:

One your blogposts are individual posts and do not prompt the reader to stay at your blog for long. By this I mean your blog can contain internal links, related posts etc.

Second is my own perception and may not act as a suggestion, I do not like blogger, I feel wordpress as a better platform for blogs more user friendly and customizable.

RosieS said...

I would change that poor blue panther. He looks like he is the victim of an unfortunate birth defect of the two limbs that are visible.

My thoughts and good vibes are with all of those in Sidr's path today. May it all go better than hoped for all!

Miladysa said...

I love the blue panther image and I would try to increase its size, possibly two or three times larger.

It would be nice when the blog loads to see more of the panther - at the moment the 'subscribe box' seems to dominate it.

Blue Panther said...

The Chef: Thanks for the comments,I will try and see what I can do about your first observation. There is nothing I can do about the second one.:)

Rosies:Now that is something I never noticed. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

miladysa: I am sure it could look good but I think right now the base of the panther image is aligned with the sidebar and it would look odd if the image were larger? Don't you think?

Sandy Carlson said...

I'm finding the Blogger v. Wordpress discussion everywhere there days. I think Blogger is great, and I like the way you've customized your blog.

I like when you include pictures. It adds another dimension to your thoughts.

Miladysa said...

Yes, I see what you mean :]

Paulie said...

i read this post when I came to visit your blog for for BYB Sunday . . . I did not see the blue panther when I commented on BYB post. It did not appear as fast as usual when i come. I kinda missed it. I thought you had deleted it but then, I did see it after reading your post here and am glad you didn't delete it. It is just the right size --perfect for the sidebar. ALSO, I think blogger has gotten better than when I first joined about a year and a half ago. I imagine that is because Google bought it from some computer geeks who started it and they have more money for development ideas. i also know that my numerous photos slows it down when loading.

Blue Panther said...

Sandy: The credit for blog customization goes only and only to SunKingPoet, whose link I have in my sidebar.

Miladysa: :o)

Paulie: I agree with everything you say there.

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