November 11, 2007

BYBS : Diwali in Pictures

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I tried, but couldn't get any really good pictures of Diwali, but I promised, and so, here are some that I think are the best of the lot:

Morning : The dry fruits and the diyas!

The Water candles : There is something intriguing and beautiful about fire and water co-existing like that. Don't you think?

Evening : The Diyas have been lit. Somehow this picture doesn't look anything like the real thing, but the fault lies with the hand that took the picture. The flash illuminated the night, and killed the effect of the little diyas spreading the light...and I did not know how to turn off the flash on the camera.

Rangoli : Diwali is incomplete without a little colour...and I think now you know that no one in our family has the true gift of an artist...but, we try!

Hope you liked the pictures. Have a great week ahead!


stev said...

Very nice look at how diwali is celebrated in India

Are rangoli / colored-rice art often seen too?

Paulie said...

Interesting to learn about another culture --looks like this is really a special time for your family.

My blessing is about time this week --come and read it if you have time.

Sandy Carlson said...

These are wonderful pictures. The little oil lamps look beautiful on the steps and in the water.

Happy BYB Sunday.

MsDemmie said...

Great pictures - the food looks wonderful.

I also love floating candles - water and flame is such an enigma.

Happy BYB Sunday,

Blue Panther said...

Stev: Yeah, the rangoli is associated with many festivals and is seen often.

Paulie: It indeed is.

Time is a great blessing and I will be sure to check out your post.

Sandy: Thanks for liking the pictures. Happy BYB Sunday to you too!

MsDemmie: That reminds me I forgot to post a picture I had of the sweets!!!

It wasn't a good picture anyways.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Lovely photos... and a great celebration! Sounds like it was a great Dilwali.

mrsnesbitt said...

True reason to Blog a Blessing!

Tricotine said...

I had never heard of Diwali celebration before. Thanks for sharing. I love the floating lights! :-)

Happy belated celebrations! :-)

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