November 9, 2007

Happy Diwali to You!

India is truly a land of festivals. I have recently realised this too, as I started to post about some of these festivals on this blog.

Today is Diwali, one of the few festivals that is celebrated across the length and breadth of India. India is a diverse country both geographically and demographically, and so a festival that is celebrated by the whole nation has to be something special, and special Diwali is.

Diwali is, in a way, continuation of Dusshera. After defeating the Demon King Ravana, it took Lord Rama about 20 days to reach from Lanka (the modern day Sri Lanka) to Ayodhya (known by the same name even today). It was after a fourteen year exile that Lord Rama was coming back to his capital city, and so, to welcome him, the whole city was lit up. Diyas (Earthen pots filled with oil and a cotton wick that burns) were lighted at every nook and corner, and night was, in a sense, turned into day when Lord Rama entered the city.

Today, that tradition is still continued and, on Diwali, every house is lit up with diyas, candles and electric lighting. In addition, the children and the young burst firecrackers. There is an exchange of gifts among friends and relatives, and a lot of sweets get consumed during the two-three days before and after Diwali. I wonder how much weight I am going to gain this year because of all the sweets?

Anyways, I will stop now before this post begins to turn into something of a school essay, but I am sure by now you have got the idea of what Diwali is (assuming you did not know about it before). All in all, it is a great festival that brings along with it a spirit of joy and celebration.

P.S. - I am going to try and take some pictures of the festival and if I get some decent ones, you can expect to see them on here. Till then have a Happy Diwali, and be very careful when you light those crackers.

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Anonymous said...

happy diwali to you too!! have a wonderful time....:)

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