November 7, 2007

Saving Time

It might be more than just a coincidence that I recently received a copy of a book about making every minute count, in my mail. I really don't like reading books like these, but since I am really pressed for time these days, I decided to have a look at what the book had to say.

As I had expected there was nothing new in the book; the same things that have been repeated over and over again in different articles and books were repeated here too. Though many of the methods from the book appear to be more time & effort consuming consuming than the time and effort they seem to save, yet the truth about them can only be known once these methods have been tried.

One thing that I am thinking of trying is making lists. All those who know me know that I might be one of the most disorganized person they know, and disorganization, the book says, is one of the biggest time waster. So, I think, it is time to get a little organized in life. And in that making lists might help.

The first list I might try is a list of things to do in the day, and then as the day progresses I can tick off the things I have done and, by the time the day is over I will have done all there was to do. Sounds great, doesn't it?

But, I am sure many of you must have tried this lists thing, and many of you might still be doing it. What was or is your experience with it? Or do you have any other time saving tip that works?


Lori said...

I am a big list-maker. I have to be, because my job entails a lot of little things that there's no way I'd remember without my lists. I do make lists of things I want to do in my personal time as well. It really helps me stay on top of things, and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I can cross things off.

Farahz said...

i must admit tt im also a disorganised person. i work well in mess. but being a seasonal motivational book reader, i can't help to come out with a to-do list after reading those articles and stories. but man, it never stays longer than 3 days. ;)

White Cranes said...

I make lots of lists, putting stars by the most important items. I usually put an underlined blank before each item so I can easily see what has been checked off and what is left to do.

Some lists are for short-term use, like a grocery list. Others are long-term, like a list of websites to build.

I never expect to get everything on my to-do list done in one day. Life is not that tidy, but having a list keeps you from forgetting things, and you can always move the unfinished projects to the next day's or week's list.

MOST important is to have a book that you keep your lists in and take *everywhere*. I use an unlined sketchbook where I also keep sketches, meeting notes, and what-not.

I used colored sticky flag tabs (msde by Post-It and others) to make different topics easier to find. Color-coding is a wonderful timesaver.

I also use my appointment book/planner for work-related lists and after-work errand lists.

The key thing is to take your book with you **Everywhere**!

Lists do work. Just don't make list-making into another task that takes time. That is, don't obsess over it. Jot them down. Refer to them. They don't have to be pretty.

Our memories are imperfect. Without a list, the most obvious and crucial things can slip your mind sometimes. Making lists saves lots of headaches.

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