December 9, 2007

BYBS : Staying Away

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I was out of town for the weekend, and it was after a long time that I spent almost two whole days without a computer and the Internet. I had thought I would miss it a lot, and in turn would be missed a lot too. But, I was wrong on both counts.

I really did not miss the computer or the Internet. I wasn't thinking about the blogs, or about checking my emails, or about anything related to computers at all. And going by the number of emails, offline message, and comments I have got in the last two days, I can safely say that even the Internet did not miss me.

This is in fact a very good reminder of the fact, that however much we might use the Internet, it can not replace the things we do - or should do - in real life. The computer and the Internet are tools to help us function better, but I have observed that many a times we use these things more than we should. This, more often than not, leads to trouble in one shape or another. And my curiosity makes me ask you about the number of hours per day that you usually spend on the computer?

I had been using the computer for up to 10 hours every day. So, the last couple of days have come as a welcome break for me. And, I am going to try and continue this trend of staying away from the computer as much as I can afford to. That, I am sure, will be good for my eyes too.

Happy BYB Sunday, and have a great week ahead!


Sandy Carlson said...

Well said, Neo. It's so true. Whenever we lose power or find ourselves away for extended periods, we come back peaceful and refreshed. It's important to keep that balance.

I did check in on your blog during the week, though! And I'm glad you're back.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Running away from technology (even for a short time) is ALWAYS a blessing! I've found it interesting that many in my profession (I'm a computer technician) often have hobbies that are "historical" in nature... usually something that involves visiting museums or historic sites... places where computers are far and few between!

CyberCelt said...

Do what makes you happy, Neo. I stayed at Lake Medina for almost a week by myself. It was peaceful and recharged my batteries to come back and deal with the world. Happy BYB Sunday.

new illuminati said...

it's an addiction, brother, that screens out the world

Paulie said...

Yes, I agree. I was without my computer for over 12 hours yesterday and when I finally arrived back home, it was the first thing I checked on but that was because I wanted to read about everybody's blessings as they give me encouragement for the next week. It was then that I realized I hadn't taken my blessing blog out of draft and quickly got it published before your visit.

Sometimes less is better but I am also thankful I have a computer and the internet. For example, I can enjoy a hike all day and come home and still get my news and touch base with people. Or like yesterday, I can enjoy worship, oversee a Christmas cookie sale, attend a board meeting and finish my evening with a Christmas concert.

Thanks for being a blessing to me (and others) and having this challenge each week for me to remember to count my blessings.

Jess said...

I have started using my computer less. It's crazy how we put so much thought into those that we know online, and we think they really care, when in fact you could just disappear and no one would care. (Well, I would care, but that's because I'm a very caring person, but most aren't.) You were missed while you were away, but I figured we were just not on at the same time. Now, back away from your computer!

Garden Gnome said...

Taking a break from the computer is a good thing :) I'm glad you enjoyed your time away.

Wishing you a blessings filled week.

Marjo said...

when i do counseling reports, i spend around more or less 10 hours too, but not actually on the net. maybe an hour or two if i have a blog to post. but surely you're right. hightech gadgets are there to make life more comfortably amazing when we get bored but more often than not, the real things that make us happy are the simple things, like a quiet nap or a tasty bread at the side of a hot choco milk drink. nice, eh!

MsDemmie said...

Belated Happy BYB Sunday. I managed three days in Paris without mine!

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